The Skirmisher - Flying Ship

Hey guys,

This week I began working on a more ambitious project. While the build didn’t turn out exactly as I conceptualized it in MagicaVoxel (made some mistakes, thus ending up a bit bigger), I’m still happy with the result and it’s something that can be constantly improved.

Without further ado, it’s a flying ship outside Therka Market, in the North (-1629N, 1,479E). There are 2 ways of getting here:

  1. Therka Market Plaza > Karokendo’s Hub > Skirmisher Portal
  2. Villa Prestige (below the ship) > Karokendo’s Hub > Skirmisher Portal

Besides being quite huge, it also features a mini portal hub which at the time of writing is still under construction. But yeah, if you like this place, you can link to it.

Anyway, here are a couple of images:


Well that’s awesome.

…and puts my tiny airship on Munteen VII to shame :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice :slight_smile:

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nice one! im currently building a flying ship above moebius water village lol, still so far only the ruff skeleton is build

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