The Smoother

I propose a chisel, of sorts, that renders a surface ‘complete’ and blends chiseled blocks that would otherwise have had seams or hard, unrealistic angles. Imagine a gold beveled corner piece adjacent two stone chiseled 1/4 pieces. Hit it with the smoother and it slopes to match.

I don’t think this would need to change physics and could kind of work the way natural blocks warp?

PS the natural block warp is an amazing aesthetic feature that I’ve always appreciated.

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Would be very nice! But technically near impossible with the system they have implemented. All the chiseled block variations are their own block type “PYRAMIDAL_CORNER_SOUTH” etc. I don’t even want to count how many permutations would be needed to achieve smooth matching of each of those chiseled types and rotations? Maybe it could be done programmatically at runtime :thinking: Maybe if they some day have a bigger team it could be done.

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Ahh I see, didn’t know exactly how the system currently worked. Yea maybe over time as certain mechanics develop something like this could be worked in. I’ll jot this down on a napkin to bring up in a couple years :blush:

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:0 frame the napkin so it stays with you if you move

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Can we have a transformation machine? Kind of like the pigment processor. Put block(s) in, changes it to the next type IE igneous to sedimentary, then if wanted, put back in for sedi to meta, etc.


When I saw the title I got hyped but It’s not what I had in mind.

I was thinking about a terrain smoother boon for landscaping, could be AoE that breaks blocks in a stair pattern, I would love that!