The start of the universe we know it, lore

so i posted it in another thread but i didnt want to hijack it, so here is my idea on how the lore could work for oort online, wrote it a long time ago

A long time ago, longer than we have count on, there was only one planet. On that planet there was an almighty titan and the ancient race called oortians. The oortians and titan lived side by side in harmony.

The titan was a kind and caring being unlike what titans are today. It had a core of magic deep inside itself and it allowed the oortians to harvest a small part of it at regular intervals so they could thrive as an organisation by combining the harvested magic into a special type of stone called oort stone.

Oort stone was a power source mightier than anything ever known, it could power anything and even rip a hole in fabric and time itself. Their lives were peaceful and the oortians grew in power every day, but one day they had gotten so advanced that they thought themselves mightier than the titan and decided to slay it to gain all its magical power.,They gathered an army and went to fight it, the titan was sad of what the oortians had decided to do but knew that a fight could’nt be avoided, and fight they did, for days they fought the titan, but they were no match.

through great pain the titan wiped out the entire civilization. It looked around on all the death the possible power had caused and decided to never allow anything like that to happen again. It slammed with all its strength down on the planet splitting it in hundreds of pieces and then hit itself so hard that it split into thousands of pieces, in different shapes and sizes. A new form of titans emerged, but they weren’t as intelligent as the creator. All the titans got from their creator was the love for the oort civiliazation and a desire to protect it from anything and anyone even if it meant death. They all got split on the different pieces of the planet and the pieces flew out in the universe near and far.

the titan had given some of it’s magical power to the planet when it split it and now every piece of planet had a magic core. The magic spread through the planets as a giant web some even spread as links to the other planet pieces. And over thousands of years, that magic created both the currently living races and the protectors alike. And hidden deep within the planet the titans are sleeping in a deep slumber, waiting for the time when their protection is needed

I would like some guidance from the Wonderstruck team ( @james @ben ) on how to proceed on lore suggestions. From the concept art, it seems they likely have some lore in mind, and I’d rather build off of that, rather than have multiple forum members posting their various, unrelated (and amazing!) takes on it.

In other words, what are the fixed points of lore so far? Are there any?


they have been pretty secretive about the lore. which is cool. i think they want us to be able to discover it ingame through things like notes and such.

First I want to know if our characters are born like normal creatures or if we are magically given birth by the world we start on. Lore of the past is great and I’ll think on that soon enough, but I believe everyone is supposed to spawn in random places in the worlds and walk around to find each other right?

So this makes me wonder if we all have coming-of-age quest, left our secret never seen again ninja village and we all just missed each other while wandering in circles before gaining intelligence, or perhaps the world decided to gather spirit energy and create me out of nothing leaving me to learn how to survive with alarming learning ability considering how we likely start with nothing, and then in the course of our continued survival we stumble upon fellow beings that we aren’t killing or enslaving immediately, purely because it’s trying to communicate with us.

I would imagine we are created by some type of magic in order to slay the titans since they are unnatural to either the gods of the world or the world itself.

Weren’t Titans introduced as guardians? I mean it’s not my fault they are between me and my treasure, but they don’t actively hunt me down, the poor dead beasts.

how would i know. im just trying to complement your logic xD

You speculation and various takes on lore are great. Go off on any tangent you like. If you want more info, read all the subsections on :smile:

what if titans were the oort’s attempt at beacons? they basically serve the same purpose, to protect creations, it’s just that titans will also kill anyone who comes near, including the oort perhaps.

so, oort creates titans, titans destroy oort, universe creates players, players destroy titans… and if you want a psychedelic time paradox to boot, players create oort. :astonished:

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I want to know the lore of the “Mantle”, why it is indestructible.

Maybe the same reason why Meteors don’t go crashing down on plotted locations

i think mantle is just titan cocoon where they sleep, every planet got its own titan in its core

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