The Stone Shop

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The Stone Shop is officially a Mega Store :confetti_ball:

Thank you all for your support


Hi. I have my stock updated on You can search by color now!
I’ll update it once a day.

Edit. This is the link for the shop


Ashen Blue, Night Azure & Cool Violet on stock.
No more Black :frowning: I’ll get them tomorrow


i stumbled into your store once while lost and have wished i set a place there so many times! how do i find you?


You can find me on
Finata Coordinates: -135N, 945E
Directions: Lamblis PS Hub. First floor facing South, second portal from left to right


Do you buy rock?


Yes, I run another shop, “The Miners Shop” where I buy the colors I need. It’s on Finata too. There is a portal on Lamblis PS Hub, and also inside The Stone Shop.


Do u buy rocks or stones? Or both?


I buy only rocks


I stubbled across this yesterday I was so happy! I bought a bunch of different stones!

Such a good place, especially if you don’t know what colour you want on your build, you can buy some of each and test them out (what I did). Also love the layout of all the types of stone/brick varients so you can really make a detailed decision :slight_smile:

Good job!


Week end is coming!
New stock added.
Check here if I have what you want

Remember, I update the page once a day, so hurry up before it’s to late!


Stock updated after week end.
Black is back

Night Azure… tomorrow

EDIT. I’m moving all metamorphic to 1st floor so check the portal or use the stairs.


Stock updated. More than 1.000.000 stones for sale!


Do you sell glacier (not sure if it is called stone) or blocks of ice? Also, is there a green gleam? I may need some to use for highlighting a area. My son collected some blue but the neighbor has also used it and I don’t want to use it.
It could be a bit before I will use it and probably have enough money to buy it if we can’t find it. Just hoping that you sell it so when I do need it I can get some.


Oh sorry for the delay, I only sell stones, sorry


Stock updated

And I was working a bit on the shop itself I think is looking nice


Hi, I’m not the owner of the stone shop, but I’m here to say I’m worried about him. There are a lot of rocks and stones down here waiting to be restocked, but this evening, something very bad happened to him and he went away bubbling something about seeds, and he never came back.
I think we lost him…

Where was the shop that sells all the rock?

Working on the second floor.
The south district of Ultima Guild HQ is getting nicer every day

BTW, stock updated

more than 1,5M stones to choose :slight_smile:


I have a new location on the Ultima Guild HQ Hub. I’ll show here hoe to reach it.
Go to the HUB on Finata.
Search for the Central Hub entrance (on the pic)

Go down the stairs a bit, and turn right.
You’ll see a tiny portal between Emporium Nocturne an Valhalla Shop. This is me :slight_smile:

And as usual, stock updated on

1,700,000 stones and only two colors missing, I’ll fix that this week end.

See you fellow oortians


Stock updated

Finally, I have all the colors in stock (not as much as I want for some colors, but I’m working on that)

Thanks for come by.