The sunken shop and mine

Hey everyone . Took awhile to get to this point but loving every bit of it .Got a shop all set up in the sunken city / city of love .
Sochaltin 1. 770N -1,773E alt between 98-101

I Try to sell abit of everything and trades always welcome :). there is a mine down to 2 lvls with aload of copper n iron n coal to be found for newcomers and old . ( Mine and shop still in process of being upgraded, busy still functional) :slight_smile: .

. Got titanium (1999c)/iron(100c) tools and bars/alloys ,Drops, bocks , Diamonds (635c).
loads of shaddow orbs n a few portals with some open spaces welcome for anyone with a a 2x2 close enough :).

Got aload of stock the now with alot more alloys n hammers crafting atm for tomorrow :slight_smile: hope to see yous soon :slight_smile: .


Just an update more alloys have been added n will be going hunting for more soon :slight_smile:

Btw if you got to the ultima aqua main hub n go through lambalis portal it’s the first portal on the right labeled "free " can’t find hashmalaah to change sign name lol :).

Update :
Got 144 diamond in-stock at 600 each :slight_smile:

Update got 120 diamond at 580c each :slight_smile:
Now got shimmering orbs at 325c each
( And loads more ).

Update thanks everyone who visited. made over 40.000c over the 2 days, that’s helped alot ! :slight_smile: .

I have done another restock and planing to add a load of request baskets for yous soon :slight_smile: .

Hope to see yous again :slight_smile:

Ps the people that visited ( Can’t remember your names sorry ) yous were really nice and it was nice to get some trades and haggling done :stuck_out_tongue: