The Tower of Power


My tower of power. Currently building an awesome kingdom on a level 3 world as well with a buddy that’s going to be amazing. I’ll post pictures when we get the main portal open.


For some reason I came in here upset thinking this would be a giant pillar of power coils stacked together for no reason. Sometimes it’s ok to be wrong.

Nice creation though :grin:


looks good :slight_smile:


Hahaha. No not just coils. I’ve actually built a side building attached to it as well. I just haven’t got the pictures off my ps4 yet.


I like it a lot. Nice color scheme too.


That indeed looks powerful. Now, what about Megaton.


This. I like this.


Here’s a few more screen shots from today.

1821N 850E


Update. Started a wall around. And a bit of a store.