The Whirlpool - Forging Ingredients, now open! (now with cheap unforged tools!)

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The Whirlpool has just opened it’s door to all forgers, big and small! You can reach it through the main Circ TNT hub, on the upper tier in the south-east corner. I also have a small stand in the GTG Planet mall!

Current deals:

Corrupted compound 1: 79!
Draining compound 1: 19!
Deconstruction resin 3: 25!!
Vigour catalyst 2: 269!

Priced to sell, our selection contains most of the ingredients for the popular forging methods (in case you’re missing anything, let me know and I will happily throw it on the stands!) and some unforged tools to boot.

Right now I’m stocked with an almost full stand of the 2 best compounds, resins and the popular gums! You won’t find better prices in many other places.

I’m still in the process of stocking, but feel free to have a browse.

If you plan to buy in bulk (100k+), i will do custom orders (most ready within 24 hours!) and we can make a tax-free deal!


Got my first few shoppers! I’ve replenished most of the stock.

I have decided to take over the business model of some of the more profitable businesses and lower my profit margins considerably.

Special deals going right now, which i will edit into the main post!

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Now also selling Pure boon compound 3!
Restacked some of the unforged tools too.
699 per topaz/sapphire tool!

And remember if you are looking to order in bulk, let me know as i will make you a deal if the order is worth 100k or more :slight_smile:

Restocked again, thank you to my customers!

I’ve broadened the range of unforged tools on offer! Titanium shovels, hammers and axes, cheapest in the universe!

I will also start selling some of my overflow from previous crafting rounds. These items will go for near cost-price! Think of SEBA, titanium alloy, brew containers, etc. Keep an eye out!

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Now also stocking all unforged gem-bows. This is an experiment to see if they sell at all. Let me know if you’re missing anything, or if you want to do a tax-free deal (100K and up).

Also doing custom (tax-free) deals!

Lowered prices of fate paste 2, protection paste 2 and vigour catalyst 2!
New prices much better reflect the cost of materials, but im happy to go even lower if you want to hand-trade! (over 100k)

Edit: Pastes currently out of stock, new batches are being made as we speak.

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