The World Famous Finata Pawn Shop (We buy heart shaped rock)

Updated: February 7, 2019 7:26 PM

Hai! :slight_smile:

Let me introduce you the world famous, Finata Pawn Shop.

I have been running the shop for a couple of time now but never created a post, so this thread will be updated when I run sales or I need something urgently in request basket ect…

You can partially see our stock on www.FinataPawn.Shop (boundlessskill), stock is updated frequently, but there too much stuff to update the boundlessskill website and the shop sheet itself. Working on auto-update soonTM.

That’s being said here the direction:

Located on: Finata Coordinates: 5N, 611E

Directions: Ultima Aqua Hub Inc. HQ Shopping Portals Hub red floor “Pawn Shop” sign.


Ultima Mall - First Floor
Ultima HUB - First Floor (below the clock towers)
Krafter (hub)
New Leyden Market
The Crypt
Chisel Madness (Finata Shop)
PS Lamblis - Second Floor

We also have two spots left for 1x2 if you want to join :space_invader:

HAMMER/SHOVEL T6 AOE lowered to 12 995c due to diamond pricing being at 50c also have multiple fairly priced item from any tiers.
Everything is labeled and we do not forge with quirks.

Finally, If you prefer to come to see us walking around and see Finata, we are just below the CUBE.

Request Basket is always refilled with 5k in each, sometimes a couple of time a day.

I’m running multiple sheets to balance my price with my time and the market to keep fair pricing.

Stock update often and handtrade are always welcome, either Msa in game or Cannabis (The Shopkeeper) will be happy to help and if you wanna pawn something we might be able to give you an interesting offer for your mats.

Why World Famous?
Simple answers it’s stated on title.


While event is running we buy Heart Rock and Bouquet 100K + in Basket


:joy: reminds me of this :rofl:

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We provide you a mining kit:

1 - 3x3 + T8 DMG HAMMER
100 - STEAK

We keep half the resources gathered, you keep the rest.

We trust you on the resources.

You can contact me here via PM or on Discord if interested.

We will add you as a friend and give you access to your own worker booth where the mining kit will be provided and where the resource will be unloaded.

Shop Discord:


I can recommend this shop. I did some good business there recently.


i can recommend the shop as well :slight_smile: good prices :slight_smile:

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Damn thanks for all those recommendation :smiley:

We have lowered T6 AOE shovel/hammer to 14500c since diamond pricing is now 70c each.

We are also still hiring, we have two employees already but we are able to provide daily mining kit for 2-3 more people.

Love the pawn shop, it’s always a stop of mine when I’m out shopping

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We have again lowered all T6 AOE shovel/hammer/axe to 12 995c and also added a new hunters dedicated section with a lot of high end slingbow.

Come celebrate the new EMPIRE and footfall system with us! :smile:


What! Undercutting me massively here! How do you do that So cheap? I am 4c more expensive! :joy:


so u know the deal :smiley: 95% less price for me now right? :D:D:D

I already keep the T10 dmg behind the desk for you once T7/T8 planet release and you want more discount :smirk:


While event is running we buy Heart Rock and Bouquet 100K + in Basket