The Xylo Settlement

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Soooo as we all know, at least those of us who are pre-release, all the planets have pretty much been laid claim too, but hear me out, at least for this post. So when the game drops and is finally available, all these new players are going to join, right? Well what’s the worst thing about being new? Not knowing a single thing about the game. Sure, some of the new players are going to want to go off on their own and make their settlement the new capital just for the title of viceroy, or some will just go off and solo just for sake of the gaming experience. Others will probably just join in on the existing settlements, expanding them even more so than they already are. At least, those are my edumicated guesses. So, my proposal was Xylo, a settlement, which in of itself would have a capital, meaning this: The capital of Xylo would simply just be the largest settlement with that name. From there would be a link to smallers versions of Xylo, on almost every planet, as well as a portal connected to the Portal Seekers Hub. This particular settlement would not only be dedicated to helping the new players, but would (at least try to) follow specific building styles, as well as some interesting builds, such as on the sides of cliffs, abstract looking houses, just really anything that was well planned and designed. Why? To keep the new players inspired, not that Aquatopia alone doesn’t already to that. The main thing about this settlement, like I previously mentioned, was to hopefully help the new players, but as far fetched as it came across to a few that I’ve mentioned it to, I just simply want to help keep the community as clean and non-toxic as can be when new players start arriving. That being said, as my work on Xylo continues, in vain or not, please feel free to comment here, or somehow otherwise get a hold of me, as I’m always looking for more people to play with.
I know it’s a long shot, and I know I have my hopes too high for my little project… But at least I’m trying, right? :smiley:

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