Thematic Settlements and Random people

As for the issue… I am not sure what happened to be honest… One day the gateway was well the gateway and the next day I was Viceroy of the Planet???

There was a major area of land that got plotted between the gateway and you guys… I believe it was all the new people but there are 1000 plots showing from Merlyn?!?

Anyway we have become linked not something I wanted and I doubt you all wanted this either…

But since we are I am certainly going to push for being warden as I would assume Havok would do aswell…

Its part of the game, but I certainly didn’t plot the area to merge us and I doubt you guys did that either…


Yes, I agree neither of us wanted to be merged and I intentionally tried to keep people away from our area while we figured out the design of our city. Overall I wouldn’t blame you or PS because it was other people that filled in the area between us and we have no other options provided by the development team.

Honestly, after the wipe we were first into this area and when you all were looking for a place for the portal hub, I was trying to caution you all that we were building a city and that it might not be smart to be anywhere close. Yet, before we finished the discussion the area was grabbed by PS without giving us a full chance to come to some agreement or anything.

I didn’t want to cause problems with you all at that point but honestly wasn’t thrilled because I knew it would lead to an issue in the future. Especially with the push to build a personal store on this planet versus others and promoting a town around the PS portal. On one side of the coin we didn’t mind having the PS hub near us and were glad PS did all they did to connect the worlds. But, on the other side of a coin we didn’t really want your portal hubs anywhere near us because we don’t really need that portal service.

When you all decided to change our settlement name to PS even though we had more prestige and guild members in the area and continue to revert it back, it only causes more of a problem between us. From my understanding you all have your own guild city so I don’t know why we can’t keep the illuminoorti settlement name especially since as a collective it is our guild that is causing a majority of the prestige, not PS.

As a guild we are not directly “pushing” for capital or anything and instead focusing on our guild builds. But, we do not appreciate being forced into this situation and that our guild city settlement keeps getting renamed. Of course, I certainly believe you feel the same way for your hub and personal store.


The game has several game mechanics to fix your issue…

A) Put some work in and earn the warden
B) Remove plots and replot a below ground atleast 4 tiles down so that you reserve the boundry above and people can’t plot because its reserved…


see as example this lets play, she is exited by the game and is going to love it.
she just discovered chizzel town and like that place and wants to be part of it, so she just claimed a free place in chisel town.
she dont want to grieve, she just wants to join a society.

if you now behave bad on new ppl like this, that are just exploring the game and dont really knew that they may cause a problem with theyr claim thats not a cool way.

maybe her mistake is to not ask somebody?

  • but who to ask, how does a new player know how to figure out all that stuff
  • chatting with ps4 seems to be very slow, ppl are run away bevore chat text is entered

im not sure if there should be a “rules” signwall in such comminuties, like there usually was on the spawn area of minecraft servers, or maybe it would be cool if the warden of a settlement could supply a welcome message with a few sentences, that ppl see when they enter a settlement the first time on a day?

But anyway just because someone places a beacon to an area that you planned to takeover does not mean the person ment it bad or wants to grieve. they mostly just wants to join you.


I tend to set up signs near people who just moves in, I do have signs allover my settlement though, asking people to contact me, and if im not around join my discord to get in touch with me - my guild members makes contact to the people who moves in as well to tell them and inform them in a friendly manner.

The issue here however is when a person moves in, ignoring any attempt at communication, and simply just blocks any form of advancement you wanted to do in the first place.

I obviously know that I can’t do anything about it, but its extremely frustrating nontheless - you’d think that the people who moves in because they really like what you are doing would be willing to coorporate with you in making an even more awesome settlement, luckily the vast majority is willing to sort things out.

Those who don’t however honostly just makes me want to pack up and move which could potentially remove the reason they moved in for there in the first place.

I want to say though, that I think its awesome whenever someone likes your build and wants to be part of it :slight_smile:


Here pops up another problem, beside my discussed theme about not to have any chance to push through your rules for your themed settlement.
Your only chance is communication, but the chatsystem is not helpful in many cases.
The worst part is, that you are not able to PM someone planet crosswise.
That means, if you are a themed settlement owner and someone claimed right next to your settlement to join and then build totally opposite to your theme, and you want to talk with him, you have to sit down and wait, till you get him on same planet or travel to said planet to be able to talk with him.

That could be the first step by Developer to separate the PM Chat from other and make it gamewide.
Since Talking is our only chance to handle out our rules and expectations, it is more than neccessary to be able to talk with each other at any time.

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would be a good poin for suggestions :smiley:

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Good point, did it now :wink:

Being someone who is open to the idea of the “boundlessness” of the game I am torn between whether or not this issue is part of the free will of the game or if its a legitimate concern that people can’t essentially dictate rules over unclaimed land due to their own desires. (I do not mean that to sound condesending).

1st - this is an mmo with lots of people and more to come. I partially feel its inconsiderate to arbitrarily claim massive plots of land from other players.
2nd - this situation is creating a segregation problem where certain people are not allowed to build too close or join groups without being given permissions they aren’t required to obtain.
3rd - I feel that this is violating the strong community and friendliness that we have promoted over the years and something this game will essentially strive for.

Eventually we will get rentable planets to build our undisturbed projects so for now I personally think people are being a little greedy.

Though I feel this way I can also sympathize with a lot of these issues and concerns. I understand the desire to create thematic cities and to provide enough place for expansion and friends before other cities begin to run into yours. A part of me wants to say wait for pocket dimensions or personal planets. A part of me also wants to say that with so much real estate on each planet why does none have to build so close to another person? Major population booms in certain areas and then half the planet is barren. This is also a matter of player consideration which some people do not have but technically aren’t required to have in this game.

I don’t feel there is a solution to satisfy everyone here. Back in the day cities and towns were created because people would cluster in certain areas especially around water sources. I feel this is just human nature and to expect different in the game just isn’t going to happen. Though I am not fully taking your side I am very sorry to everyone who has suffered do to the inability to create an unviolated space.

Does anyone remember back in 2015 when we had to request our beacon zone in the forum and plot our coordinates out? I wonder if there is a way for the developers to essentially copy and paste existing plots (chunks) and place them on another world. This would be good new for people who do not want to lose their existing builds for when rentable planets are released as their themed cities can be ported.


There should absolutely be a way to have themed cities, or have zoning restrictions (e.g. max 1x1 per account including alts) in a city

I will try to keep it civil but viewpoints of community members who push for “thematic” cities are making me quite angry.

Boundless provides nice feature called plots. You can reserve quite a lot of plots, considering you have enough cubits. You have 10 chars. All of them can reserve plots. Its enough to reserve truly massive land if someone would put his hearth into it.

Most thematic cities will be build by guilds and group of friends. Even if everyone of you level 3 chars to 50, you should have massive amount of plots to reserve land and enough to build when you need it. And no one will be really bitter about griefing inside your area cause you will have it reserved… And if people will try to snipe a plot while you are reploting, than you have my blessing, grief then, report them to devs, whatever.

On the other hand griefing on players who wish to build in your “perfect” settlement cause you don’t like what they build, for me is completely unacceptable. You failed to reserve land you want?! Your bad luck. You can talk, sure. But some stuff i saw was everything from completely unacceptable to just plain being jerks.

Right now my least favorite not banable thing I saw was huge wall to three geographic directions around portal hub. With huge plots of land for grabbing inside the wall… Talking about isolationism.

We talk about being so nice and open community and such stuff happens…

Anyone think new players are interested in boundless ins and outs when they start? Nope, they will meet, what they will see as a band of jerks who push them around. Maybe, if we are lucky, they will just pack up and look elsewhere, but my cynical point of view says, that they or theirs parents will decide that this game is too toxic and will just leave.

I really hope that “reserved” planets will come up fast, cause then all isolationists can isolate without making game miserable for any other people.


I think thats largely fair (especially about new player experience), but it does seem like it’s one side of a very two sided disagreement.

The biggest problem that I have with this viewpoint, is that it takes one person with one plot (i.e. no effort at all) to just plonk it down wherever they feel like it, and yet this suggests that any group who want to build a themed city should need to put in a serious amount of up-front effort levelling alts, to the point that (3 lvl 50’s each) they may only just be starting to get enough plots to even consider starting a build, this far into the game. And then probably getting complained at for plotting too much space.

Beyond that, requiring groups to have a massive setup time will lead to other scenarios that cause problems. For example, they may be gathering and processing raw materials as part of their XP grind. Ultimately, this means that if they had to wait for 4+ weeks to start building, they will likely either have to be a considerable way away from any portal hubs (which may or may not be fine with them), or everyone at or near the portal hub will just have to accept their settlement being consumed almost instantly. Without better settlement merging rules… we’ve already seen how well that goes down recently.

Honestly, people who want to build themed cities just don’t have any good options right now.

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Oh, I agree that there is a problem. Reserved worlds will fix it nicely hopefully. Maybe devs will solve it earlier or in another way too. I’m just pissed how people (not) handle it right now.

True. I also probably haven’t seen the worst of it either… I had my settlement end up being joined into Chisel Town. It wasn’t something I had aimed for (When I placed my plots, I was one of the first people in my area and the portal hub didn’t exists, so I wasn’t expecting many neighbours), but they’ve been really good about it, asking me first and not making any real demands of how I built things. I guess I’ve been lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think there is any cause to be angry about the people who started to talk about it here.
These are opinions from different directions of view.
I did not read, that themed settlement owner want to be treated special, it is more a general problem.
And the only thing they do is finding ideas about possible solutions.

I think that says all:

and i just add, all cities don’t have any good options right now, because there is no system for it.
That it is a problem, even the Devs realized and they still said, they want to try to find a solution for it.

Your hints about the possibilities you have, especially the plotting of needed space, are all valid.
But in example for me, i had no contacts before Headstart of Release, because i jumped in the game just 2 weeks before wipe and just to play the tutorial there.
That means, i don’t had any experience about the system, about need of Alts for getting way more space, about how to place your settlement in a good way, about the prestige and so on.
There is nothing to be angry about, just because we are people who got overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and about the “hidden PVP” aspect thats called plotwars.

Our fears are valid same as your opinion is valid to tell us to get used to the system.

And to be honest, themed settlements improve the player experience much, when they are able to travel around and cross them and just are happy to see all these nice projects.
Its one of the content and possibility that the game gives us and that the game also demand.

In my opinion i would not be happy if we separate themed settlements in any kind from the rest of the game.
Because i think it would make the world designs worse and decrease the player experience:
It is a Sandbox game and it should stay as it is, just with more possibilities for city rules.

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I might not have the right attitude about this but the game mechanics being what they are, you have no choice but to plot out the entire area you want to control. If you want to have an area with a theme you need the area and maybe a buffer of a few plots around that. Until they change the mechanics, I do not think anyone has the right complain about you playing the game the way it is structured. I do agree it can take time to level alts to get the plots. I am trying to use the time to let the game settle in so when I do pick a place, it is far enough away from others that I will not have immediate problems with neighbors.

I will agree with this also. In the old universe The City of Steam was one of many themed cities. It was nice to go and just look around, get ideas and see how other players managed to use materials in interesting ways.


That sounds like a good call, I do kind of wish I’d been less immediate with picking my home planet. Delta Cancret and Circapous I both look awesome, and my alts would still only need to spend one point in the correct atmospheric resistance to be based there. And I’ve got to the stage where I’m just not sure I’m ready to pack everything I have build up in order to move. That’s a lot of backward and forward

Remember this is Boundless. . you are not tied down to where you start and you have all the time you need. No wipe coming. I am getting ready to abandon my starter build. Yes it will take me a day or so to move everything, but in the end, I will be happier someplace else. Set up a storage depot where you want to move and make a couple of trips a day and take your time while you level your alts. If you are building with friends, give them permissions on the beacon to help you move and pay them with resources or coin. Just take the good stuff and let the rest regen. Lots of options.


@Kal-El, thats a good point to think about.

I think many new player, as i am, thought to chose an area and just let it develope.
When we (my coplayer and me) started at Finata he chosed a nice place.
We had 2-3 neighbors and i got with all of them in touch, especially with ImmaRock.
Problems just hitted me, after the official Release.
Maybe it was my fault to setup a Playerportal to the Aquahub too early, before i plotted enough for my needs.
Maybe i was too naive that player who come and see the nice place are nice too and get in touch before they join the settlement in direct view to the portal.
I’m maybe was underrating the benefit for the new player just to settle next to a still established Portal and use it for free. (just to clear, as a Noob it takes me a whole evening to get enough Oortstones to run the portal for like a week)

All in all, i hope my joining settlers will appreciate the work i still do at this place and start to build the way that fits to the area. Btw. they don’t need to build a garden themed building, it just should not overtake its whole area design, at least thats my hopefully expectation. And i know, for starter they just have the natural blocks or maybe first stage of crafted, so their buildings will improve with time, same as my one new (known) settler who is building a Pink Castle. I’m fine with it, because its the color of the planet and it change its appearance every time he is learning something new.

But in last instance i maybe have to overthink my concept and search another place, where my garden can get developed with a better start and better plan, especially because now i get some idea and clue about how Boundless really work.

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On this point, I wish there were some sort of bank, or pods delivery service, or some means of moving mass numbers of items to a new location.

I’d be willing to pay coin (or Oort shards, or whatever) to do so, but at some point most of us want to move our main build to a new location, instead of being tied down to a built up workshop on an old familiar world.

Not something we need for the next patch, but it would be nice if the devs consider some options to implement 3-6 months from now.