Thermo-Spark Furnace

Okay so i’m really enjoying this game and from what I can see is missing, Is the Spark Powered Furnace.

Constantly am I plagued by the choice, Do i turn this coal into Spark or should I keep it to smelt? Problem no more, Use all that lovely spark to power a furnace!


I think there is something coming in future that might satisfy your smelting desires.

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No! Nothing can satisfy my smelting desires! My desire burns like a… well, like a fiery furnace!!
:fire: :fire: :fire:


So an electric furnace?

There is no electricity in the realms of boundless, only spark.

Close enough.

Far enough.

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Also, as a suggestion: compact peaty soil, common blocks recipes? Is the best furnace fuel. I would go soft coal for furnace, and medium and hard coal for spark. Although, if you’re having trouble with spark, Peaty soil and wood both work as immediate sokutions