These worlds are DOOMED! Build a new Empire with the Illuminoorti!

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The Great Oracle @james has spoken of the empending doom of our home worlds! Our only hope for survival as a race is to migrate to the unsullied worlds of Oorterria Primus. We must leave all of our precious homes and possessions behind to save as many lives as possible. The years ahead will be dangerous and full of strife. We will survive… but can we prosper?

Join the Illuminoorti

Only by working together, aided by the experience and knowledge of the Illuminoorti will we thrive and prosper on our new homes. Join the Illuminoorti today and when we make landfall in the Oorterria Primus you will be optimally positioned to thrive and prosper in these dangerous new lands. We will build an empire spanning the stars to defend ourselves from all threats both familiar… and alien.

We are in need of neophytes to join the ranks of several of our orders. We require Miners, Gatherers, Wardens, Provisioners, Fabricators, Architects, and Alchemists. Experience is not required- only the will survive.


We are an RP guild with preparing for aggressive expansion into the 1.0 worlds. New members are bound to thrive with aid of our veteran members and talented leadership. When 1.0 launches, you don’t have to start from scratch with everybody else when you are a part of a loyal and passionate guild, and we aim to be the cutting edge of Boundless progression. Visit our discord and chat with our members to find your place in the Illuminoorti. We will be working on 1.0 prep and experimentation until 1.0 goes live, so we will be very busy trying new things and learning what will help us to succeed in the new worlds. Join us, and you too can thrive at 1.0!


We are a team of very talented, very dedicated players. And we would love to see new faces join the guild. Please pop in amd say hello and check it all out. :smile: like havok said. No experience is needed. We have all the machiens and tools needed to get the job done right.


// Login Password Required Please Insert Password
// Password: ----------------
// Password Entered
// Password Correct Access Granted

// This is an Automated message
// Play Audio Log

Welcome as you may know the OORTERRIA BETA SYSTEM is coming to an end, this is why we the Illuminoorti have sent out this message, you may join us as a Neophyte and be saved from the destruction of the System or you may perish in the burning husk of the worlds we currently call home.

We offer this as a way for you all to seek liberation from the impending doom, a way out of the death and destruction that will follow, you can join us and be saved, you will be able to re-build civilisation beside us.

We are still seeking those with the talents and passions that will be needed to join our Ranks.

If you are up to the challenge, you know where to find us.

Sincerely, Lord Orikan, High Lore Keeper of the Illuminoorti

// End Transmission

P.S. we are still open for recruitment, any one who wants to join is free to do so.
P.P.S. couldn’t think of an actual password

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Your password is… password?!

So the downfall of the civilization was Hackers since they kept the default password?


Haha…I’m in, if you only knew


Cloud-strife! I was hoping to see you come back!

I am not back completely yet, but come 1.0, besides my job I will be here, I actually had something being worked on just for this game haha

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