Things still not fixed


Get a controller with paddles or an addon for your normal ones, you can then press X on underside of controller while your thumbs are free to do whatever you normally do…

I use Scuf Impact myself…


Looking into this for sure! Thanks @AeneaGames


This is the addon a friend of mine is very happy with:

I myself use one of these:

It looks like an Xbox controller shell but it has a completely functional PS4 controller inside it with 4 paddles underneath. You can remap the paddles to emulate any clickable button, it has easy replaceable thumb sticks, can extend the R2/L2 and make them like hair triggers, etc., etc.

Those aren’t cheap tho :wink:

But Scuf also has a 2 paddle PS4 controller which looks and is a PS4 controller… They just don’t have the room in that 1 to add 2 more paddles…


Using a controller for long journeys helps a great deal! But I switch back to mouse and keyboard for anything that requires precision. I’d hate to have to use a controller all the time!