Things We Love!

Since the developers have seen their fair share of bug reports and requests for changes, I decided to make a post that discusses everything we like so far and hope to keep for Boundless 1.0.
I understand these will be subjective, but it should be good fodder for debate and we can always create polls.

Here are a few of mine:
1: I really like that some block textures repeat every two blocks instead of just one. This is a really neat feature that is missing in some other Voxel games
cough cough minecraft

2: I like how the textures blend.

3: the uneven terrain adds a nice bit of realism.

4: the glowing sigils on the tools are lovely, but I do wonder where their power source come from.

5: this is a blessing and a curse, but sometimes it’s nice that your cursor doesn’t have to point directly at the block when you’re trying to place another block on top. You can look above, or to the side, and it will place the block in the highlighted area.

6: the water is simply beautiful.

7: I love the hexagon-tiled bricks. Igneous bricks I believe.

8: while they are not released yet, I am excited for the vast variety of creatures that will be in the game! I want there to be things that I am afraid of even after playing for a couple years.

9: the Oort alphabet is fantastic!

10: I appreciate that the foliage sways gently in the breeze.

11: these new emotes are great! And quite amusing.


I also love that you can attach the grapple to something, and then switch to another block to build. It makes building tall objects a lot easier.


12: I love the multiple colours of the blocks (Not back in C++ yet). Amazing room for detail

13: Grappling hooks.


As an strange side note. My numbers were written as 12 and 13. Posted as 1 and 2. Confused?
(Numbers fixed. Thanks, everyone.)


I’m a big fan of the overall ambience of the game. The environments are gorgeous on every world I’ve ever traveled to and it makes playing the game not only fun, but truly enjoyable.

Also a HUGE fan of the cave systems. I will spend oh-so-many hours just exploring these with my dual wielded grappling hook and lamp. #cantwait


It will be nice to have a lamp on your side so you don’t have to wield a torch all the time, :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats the forum system if you write:

Whatever numbers you insert, the list will always go 1. and upwards. It is a listing system to make large lists somewhat easier to keep track of when writting.

I think he was questioning why the numbers, when he was composing his post, were being incremented off of @Marlaney’s list, but when he actually published the thing, it started over from 1.

Yeah and that was what I explained I think if I make a list going 4. 56. 12.:

It will always go 1. 2. 3.

If a number is written at the start of a new line with a dot afterwards followed by a space, the number will be made into a list starting from 1

It’s a pretty common issue with markdown parsers/renders, unfortunately (and kind of by design) :frowning:

Edit: see Kuma’s approach below - it’s better!

You can work around it by wrapping the numbers in backticks.

`12.` Stuff
`13.` Things

will render as:

12. Stuff
13. Things


Oh that’s totally not how I read your first post. Sorry! :sweat_smile: Glad we’re all on the same page though.

You can also escape the point after the first number with a backslash. This will convert the whole list to what you actually write. I think that one is easier because you only have to do it once^^


will render as: