This "Forum Engine"

Just noticed how Marc’s layout is similar to this. I’m not into tech things or knowing how a forum site is made, but I am curious to know how this layout became popular, and what “forum engine” this is?

I don’t know, but cuberush has a great avatar.

Oh that’s just part of it. The whole piece and his process is amazing!

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I believe I’ve heard this forum engine called “Discourse” but I’m not familiar with the software either.


I think that’s the one! I tried googling forum engine it earlier, but all I got were car parts :confused:
Now it’s giving me the search results that I want ever since I googled discourse… huh

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It is called Discourse. Evolve’s forum use the same system:)

Yup Discourse is the name :slight_smile:

It is still in development but it shows a lot of potential.

Yup, it is Discource. :wink:

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And now 50%+ posts in this thread contains the word “Discourse” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Made by the founder of stackoverflow as the next generation of forum.