This is getting out of hand

lately, there’s a player being toxic all over the place

  • private messaging players that are not part of this so-called ‘‘war’’
  • name shaming in the shout and universal channels.
  • name shaming/being toxic towards my friends who are at that moment with me
  • going on about his religions and calling those outside of a certain religion, rapists, murderers, thieves, and Satanists
  • putting signs up with religions
  • attacking those that he assumes is me as a character
  • blocking in areas/builds of other people (not just mine)
  • harassment towards those in the guild and those being a friend of mine
  • sexist
  • and the list goes on!
  • locking me on on other planets and calling the areas THE FUTURE

this guy is getting out of hand, those that know me and are a friend know he’s being a toxic troll.
they laugh about it but in reality towards new players, this is a bad reputation for the game.
with all that he currently does is a bannable fact @james @Leahlemoncakes
I got screenshots/video proof of all the above-mentioned cases.
not to mention some other people have.
I have been neutral towards this because the more you say the more you feed him.

the little story back in time.

I helped legends with plots and take over the beacons he forgot to fuel.
I then asked if he wanted the areas back, he said to leave it at that moment (proof below)

he then somehow quit and I got asked to fuel a beacon
I helped legendVille (-light-) beacon fuel for roughly a year. that was asked of me so I did.
back in May 2020, I bought the fantasy tree on dkmall from prime18 (got proof too)
i had a machine room and everything there that i build
then somewhere in 2021, this person showed up with a friend of him, that’s when it started, the devs got called on me and the areas got checked the developers saw nothing wrong, and just left and closed the case, me being a good boy I gave him the areas because I did not use them really.
then @james gave guild director permissions to him on legends guild, the next day I got removed from the legendville guild and the beacons got hidden
he then decided to take charge of everything with new rules for the dead area called Legendville.
the shop the bought area then becomes the ‘‘troll’’ areas and now it seems I have been trolling Legenville for 4 years+ (while he’s not even been there for 4 years nor have i lol…
the area I got at the LegendVille/dkmall has been ash for a long time just because I’m working on community projects, farms, and all sorts and in real life, I also not long ago got myself a baby boy, the reason it has been ash for a bit.
James I have reported signs and so did many others, I have received zero support.
that’s why I’m posting in the support-reports section as a final warning.i already messaged you that if I need to take matters into my own hands
a few days ago I’m now taking back areas on legendVille if they ash.
I also have been locked in fully while the west side was open for me to expand!
I’m not giving up the area so stop being a tryhard.

I get sick of defending myself it stops me from playing the game with the limited time I already have!
those that believe the rumors and everything that comes with it that’s fine

TO YOU!–> at the guy that is against me please keep this between us and don’t get innocent people involved in this drama no one is feeling pity for you. this is our case and the more you get others involved the harder I will fight the decision is yours. also, you’re forging your own banhammer.


I can confirm these points from my own experience. I also have screenshots from the past few days.

That Colombophile of a player (which I guess shall remain nameless because “nameshaming toxic players is baaaaad”) came to Raxxa, where there were only two people at the time, and he blasted us with shouts calling Host (and the whole of [BUILD] and [GTG]) such things as trolls and criminals (:rofl:), slumping the entire guilds in the basket (so, me included, since I joined [BUILD] after giving away the Raxxian Sanctuary to Host).

The first time, I just came out of work, was happy to be able to play and relax, so I took it lightly, joking about it. But about 4 hours later he came back to shout his toxicity to anyone who would care, and that’s when it became concerning and annoying.

At first, I was ready to believe that both Host and that player had an equal share of rights and wrongs in the situation, but the deeper I got into it, the more obvious it became that if Host ever did anything you can consider as wrong in this situation, the other player did far worse, many times over, and should be straight-up banned from the game.

When I shouted back at that player to shut up, he immediately assumed I was an alt of Host. :sweat_smile:
Now, I made it quite clear that if he came back to shout his BS on Raxxa, things would go sideways fast, and I have to admit, I haven’t seen that player on Raxxa since.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s been going to every other permanent world to shout similar messages, as if anyone cares about his beef with Host and GTG. I certainly don’t.

BUT when I’m being told that he’s berating people who open portals to the Raxxian Sanctuary (disregarding who owns the beacons, it’s the build Malentir and I MADE, it’s covered with my sweat, tears and other fluids - no blood, but yeah I do spend a lot of hours at my desk so things tend to happen), as if the Raxxian Sanctuary is the ‘enemy’. Now THIS is where I draw the line, THIS is where I say “ok buddy, this is war”.

I can confirm that he’s spending a lot of his time spying on everything Host does when he’s in the city where the beacon is located (in ‘say’ range, likely to know everything being discussed with Host - you can see that in the last minutes of my latest livestream) rather than maintaining the build @james gave him the Director rank of. The place has holes and ash everywhere, but eh, better to keep an eye on everything Host builds, that’s more important that fixing-up the place, imma right? It’s pathological, at this point.

I can also confirm that Host is being quite neutral in this, he’s not even remotely doing anything wrong in regards to the game’s guidelines : he owns a beacon that has been around since before that problematic player came along. Host was being courteous as always, ready to concede plots as asked… but then the player decided to kick Host from the Legend guild without any warning, just to go “tabula rasa”, I suppose. Doing this after Host took it upon himself to keep fueling the place to prevent it from disappearing… calling this “uncurteous” would be the understatement of the year.

If you own a beacon within a city, and THEN someone comes along, is given control of the city, builds around your beacon, encases it in a wall with signs saying you’re violating “the city’s new rules”, would you be like “oh well, sorry then, let me remove my beacon!”?

Now I’ll be honest, if it was me, I would’ve given up on that city a while ago. I don’t see anything to gain in keeping that beacon or in staying in that mall where 40% of the shops have turned to ash, while a solid 10% have been removed and are just gaping holes leading to your death in case you forgot your grapple. By the way, STOP USING PLAIN GLASS FOR FLOORS, you reprobates!
This shiet is triggering my fear of heights more than when I’m at the top of my tower!

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that Host is doing something with the beacon labeled as “in violation of the rules”. Just ask him for the location and go there by yourself. I for one can’t find anything wrong with it.
The rest of the city around that beacon, however, is filled with holes and ashed-up beacons.

Now ladies and gentlemen of this estimed Jury, I do ask you to look at my client:
No, it’s the face of Perry the Platypus, for the ignorant swine in the back row.
But I would point out that Host is one of the nicest and most helpful members of this community.
I know it, you know it, we all know it. If you don’t, well now you do.
Gotta hand it to him, he saved my build from turning into ash and could’ve told me “go away, it’s my city now”, but he gave me permissions so I could keep building with him to make the city better and more functionnal.

Meanwhile, the other guy has been going around annoying A LOT of people (not just members of [BUILD] or [GTG])! I can also confirm that he’s making outlandish claims related to religions, satanism, etc.

Most people don’t take him seriously, but still, he’s toxic. Like a fart.
So please, can someone open the windows?


I’ve got a screenshot proof that the player itself confesses that he/she is a “bigger better troll than all of you”. Which confirms that everything this person is doing is not out of a reasonable cause, because of some “war” or because he/she likes this location… it’s purely to annoy people. I guess trolling should not be tolerated since it’s origin is only TOXIC and nothing else.


Think this kind of thing is better sent in a DM to the folks with the important sounding titles, tbh, folks.

Airing it openly like this will cause further :weary: and it’ll make the usual suspects more anti, more of the time.

… just sayin’

… hope you get it sorted, though!

… also bares repeating that ‘reports’ tags should only be visible to staff.


Yeah, you’d think so, wouldn’t you?

But the only people who could do anything about this are devs, and devs have already been contacted and warned about this, but they don’t really seem to react to any of this anymore, sadly.
Forum moderators, for example, are just that. They don’t have any more power than us when it comes to solving in-game griefing.
This thread is not the first time this issue has been brought-up. It’s been going on for a solid year, apparently.
The best we can do is make sure people know the truth of what’s going on, because the problematic player is actively whispering other players to spread a false narrative and some outlanding claims, which can be easily disproven with existing evidence.

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These days, for any kind of support request we can wait 1 week+

At least the majority of people are in the clear of the situation and maybe we get more attention from the devs. I want to remind that this is not just and oh so little tiny dispute. We are talking about someone that disrespects, harasses and name-shames whole guilds. We are talking about someone that trolls not only DK Mall.

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Hello hazard01 here i am the guild leader of legendsville the new name of the town is (THE MATRIX). (Ilegends) the player has not been around for 4+ years .

The beacon for the guild can not be fueled by anyone else that is not in the guild and you are not in the guild .

I removed you long time ago for reasons i can not say on the forums because of naming and shaming.

There are plot size limits in the town of 3x3 one for player, this has been the rules for over 5 years since i am one of the only leaders around i want to do construction on the town so it can meet new boundless road sizes they are only 1x1 the newer system you have to have to be 2x2 .

I will use this opportunity to say once more to anyone who has plots in the matrix legendsville area on ( tana 7) please remove your plots we will save you a new plot after the town is rebuilt if you want one .

PS: The only help the town needs is miners and and hunters help rebuild town we don’t need help with plotting we have more than enough plots for our area to be protected or building or crafting .
guild joining is closed un till renovation are complete .

again ilegend does not play this game any more i am the leader
this is in response to the pic you posted here .

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a status that was given by one of your now guild directors.
need proof here ya go, never thought i need to go this far

are you sure, he quited in January 2020 need proof? here ya go again.
I’m not sure where you get the 4 years+ from?
boundess is not even that old…

even more years? the whole guild is full of lies day in day out

I’d recommend getting your facts straight.

then on the other note, i fueled the beacon back then even before you and your boys joined
need proof? i even got that! also, i’d like to say that -light- is a friend of mine who OWNS the roads.
if you really want to take over why don’t you just let it turn to ash

I also stated above that the devs were to the area last year. nothing was wrong and nothing is going
so I’m sorry to say that it’s not going anywhere :slight_smile:
I did mention I bought the area, if you guys want it so badly then pay up lol 10 mill and i reclaim everything there

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i am the guild lead
er now the past is the past this is now do you not want me to fix up the area ?

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you can use this post so we give you a new spot in new town and dont cut you out .

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the host has left the conversation

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I shall remind thee


my only reply, please dont tag me

I wrote about 12 paragraphs and just deleted it all because this old drama just isn’t worth my time. In light of The Matrix and it’s constant drama over the past 11 months, I will be removing myself completely from the drama on Tana VII and DK Mall I hope you all do the same.

Can this be closed now? @majorvex

Here’s a thought that just crossed my mind while reading this, Boundless administration at it’s finest as usual.

A developer should never hand over ingame assets of any player that is offline no matter how long. Handing over guild control is handing over the keys to all guild controlled beacons that are owned by the offline player.
If the player bought gleam club to protect his/her plots and has those under guild control the new owner now has access to all assets of the old owner and any other player that is offline at the time of the transfer without knowledge of the switch in leadership.

This appears to be a very shortsighted and dangerous decision from the administrator. If the original owner should return one day this could lead to serious problems. Especially considering if real life money was involved to protect own assets and the developer handed the keys to those assets to another player it could be considered a break of contract between the player and the game studio, if the game studio did not specifically consider this scenario in it’s ToS or contracts ofc.

(Ofc if administraion checked beforehand that the offline player deleted/reclaimed ALL of his assets that are guild bound or unlinked said assets from the guild as well as beacons of other offline players in the same scenario then there should be no problem with the ownership transfer)


How about “no”?
I’m honestly sick of people going “I don’t wan’t to see this thread, let’s close it”.
You don’t wanna see the thread anymore? Change the tracking setting. DONE.
But stop acting like a cry-baby pinging Majorvex to close every thread you don’t wanna have in your feed.

Yeah if you look back on how things got there, it does come back to James, as always, taking action without consulting anyone that could’ve had a say-so in the matter, because he likely didn’t have time to handle player-related issues right.



What we have here is an unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. The former being glr, and the latter being HOST.

As much as I stand with Host, and as much as I think James made things infinitely worse, I do believe (and told HOST as much already) that there is no point in keeping that beacon, especially in such a toxic environment (which was made toxic by the ridiculous actions of James and glr, AND the unwillingness of HOST to let go of this useless beacon).

It’s like why would you want to try to make a community garden in the middle of a radioactive landfill?
'cause that is sadly pretty much what that place on Tana VII is. Full of ash, holes, and from all the times I’ve been there recently, glr seems more interested in spying on HOST than doing anything more constructive. Provided HOST gave the beacon to glr and left, that place would remain toxic and dead. From glr’s behavior I’ve witnessed so far (such as all the signs featuring nameshaming and other insane claims), I don’t see how he could “fix up the area”. Ever.

The best thing both of glr and HOST would be to both remove themselves from this unhealthy situation. But that is unlikely to happen, so they will both stubbornly keep a death-grip of this corpse of a mall. There are way better, cooler, healthier project to do for both of them.


I am far from crying my friend. The creator of the thread has stated they were leaving the conversation:

On top of all that Host has a 1x1 plot in the middle of 4 shops in the mall. It has been there forever. I asked him to remove it and he said no. I came to grips with he won’t ever move it. I had 3 of the 4 shop owners complain about it and it never got removed. So myself and the shop owners embraced the plot … still doesn’t make it right.

I also asked Host to remove one of his ashed areas in Legendville as I was trying to renovate the mall some and it was just an eyesore. This one spot has been ash for nearly a year. I didn’t know about the past Legendville drama and I didn’t really care I simply just wanted to make the mall better.

I have come to grips that people will grief, that people can claim whatever area they want that is open. They can claim a plot anywhere on a public world. You can asked nicely and respectively and they may or may not remove those plots.

I just wanted to keep DK Mall as a place that has a a lot of history and has benefitted players both old and new. It makes me no money unless @DKPuncherello hands me some coins from footfall and usually I will spend most of that in random shops in the mall in an effort to distribute the money around to other players or I dump it back into the mall.

Legendville and its current inhabitants have been a thorn in my side also but I am tired of typing all this out and will let it all sort itself out.

I asked @majorvex to close this as @james is very well aware of this situation. I have explained it all to him in MANY private messages in the past.

2 wrongs don’t make a right.

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And did James reply that he would do anything about it?


That’s pretty much boundless. Yes. But locking in people is a no no. A mall is a loophole since people actively say yes to be surrounded. What shall a dev do there. It’s about outside of the mall, that is not anymore in that loophole. And the nameshaming etc. The deadland background story is extra. We must focus on the part that disrespecting, nameshaming and harassing is at NO TIME acceptable. And that is why I got myself involved into that drama. I get harrassed, my friends from gtg get harassed. TNT get harrassed, everyone that has a goddamn portal to one of host’s places is nowadays a “sponsor” and lost their peace. I heard even hunts getting interrupted because someone decided to be a sexist. THOSE THINGS made us speak up and creating that post.


never got I contacted by any of the shop owners
anyways that 1x1 is reclaimed

I have mostly given plots away and then it became, and how about this and that, at some point I’m like FU I only get contacted if people need anything from me, as for DKMall @Redlotus the mall itself is just the worst mall design in history it was and still is a pain for many to walk for 500m + for an item, it needed better designing. however, the new dkmall is better in design and better organized by far.
it was better if dkmall went into ash same goes for legendville
the real issue is that people seem to dislike you for a plotted area that you don’t want to give them
is it not first come first serve? you plot it you own it, that’s how it works.
I’m talking now about that one area everyone wanted their hands on. I bought it and I got the plot locked in on all sides while I got the area first, why should I move? should they not adapt to ME! i cannot be forced to reclaim something just because its not up to their new standards.
yes, I can be an a$$hole but that’s because I’m made to be one, stay on my good side, and ill be your friend forever.

I reclaimed most of my areas on Legendville besides 1 shop and my bought area.
this is how far im willing to go.
overall to anyone else that is not part of the drama stay out of it.
this is my case and those on legendville.
this support was creation to get devs attention not to ask for any feedback from anyone else.
this is my problem, NOT YOURS

PS: i think its also a problem that people don’t have patience these days
you got an ash area? damn you must work on that or reclaim/give away ASAP
not everyone has the time to work on something straight away, and it can take a good amount of time before someone is able to build something on that actual claimed area. give them time and be patient
real life comes first

I’m not sure why i even bother defending myself once again lol :sweat_smile: