This is getting out of hand

I run the mall which is connected to Legendville and while I don’t want to be a part of it I sadly am as I have to deal with the drama in Legendville over the past year I’ve been playing. It has spilt over into the mall.

You didn’t have to remove the 1x1 plot as the mall has moved to the area around the new hub. The new hub was created to solve the poor design you mentioned. I will stand by DK’s design though as I don’t think he ever thought it would get as big as it did or become landlocked on one side.

I do not condone harassment, bullying or name shaming. I like many people just want to play the game so I’ll remove myself from this situation as stated earlier.

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totally understand this, but even then 3 sides were open for expansion which was done on the east side of DkMall, and also nothing was being built either, the reason James reclaimed it, and let us be realistic then I also got asked to give away many spots next to me because of the ‘‘project’’ this has been over a year+ and also nothing was being built as promised.(see screenshot)
I’m being put as the bad guy for keeping my ashed 1 area, while 50%+ around me is ash too!

neither do I, that’s why I’m neutral towards everyone, I got no issues myself with the legend Ville folk
, I just point out rule-breaking issues that cause drama and rumors and I became a victim of a cyberbully, while I ignored every threat, name shaming, the lot.

anywho let’s wait and see if i can get the support needed on this matter

as @may mentioned, this is not about the ash area and such but the surrounding issues


Bob knows how to fix Tana…same as Biitula…



Dude, I already did and i’m still seeing this thread. The one good thing about this thread is popcorn and salt. @HOST said he was leaving the conversation. The one reason I didnt want this thread was because I did not need the drama.

Anyways, since you tagged me @Goblinounours

You dont know how much I appreciate this.


Hey, don’t blame me, you’re the one who decided to post in the thread like “I’m gonna squat and drop one in there, and nobody will reply to me” like that was gonna work.
You don’t want to see it, you disable the tracking and you don’t post in it.
But you just replied again, so :point_right: boop :point_left: it’s right back in your feed! Enjoy!
Consider it payment for grappling people without their consent while they’re busy.

Can’t stand all the people who keep moaning about “drama” like burrying it is going to make it go away.
It’s not. It’s right up there with all the other reasons why the game is in its current state.
James ain’t going to fix this, and even if he tried, he would only make things worse and alienate more people. It’s up to players to fix their disagreements, and threads like this are a necessity to make things move forward, even if slightly.

If he was still around, I think giving all the plots from both parties to someone neutral like that 13 y/o bear kid, fuzzybear? That would be the optimal solution, yeah.


Are you nuts? Like straight-up removing plots from people without asking and giving them to someone else? That would make both parties go ballistic! Like, how would you take it if you were from either party? “Oh ok, fine, that’s fair.”

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Psychopathically, in this case.

(it was intended as sarcasm)

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Ah. Sarcasm. Yes, the sort of thing that is always perfectly conveyed once written without any indication like emojis and such. :sweat:
I’m pretty sure James is purposefully staying away from this because

  1. he doesn’t have time to deal with this
  2. he knows if he does something, he is likely to have one player just stop putting money into the game, and I’m pretty sure if it ended-up being Host, that would be heavier than if it was the other guy. :sweat_smile:

Attacking each other isn’t going to solve anything & has no place here. Keep things civil.

James has already taken action a few times in this area, over the past few years. Perhaps some people should move away from each other. If he has to come in again, all 3 parties might be quite unhappy with his solution.

All personal/harassment reports need to be sent as a PM to the devs, even if they seem slow to respond. No one on the forums can provide a solution on that issue.


I was not being serious, maybe I should’ve put a /s in there…

I am actually getting pings, seeing it in my feed, etc even after muting it so something’s broken. I am sorry for grappling people without their consent though. And it’s not just the replies.
EDIT: It’s working again! :smiley:

I actually don’t feel like this thread belongs where it is in the forums and should’ve been resolved in a PM. I’m not trying to disrespect your opinion but you’re kind of overreacting. I dont think you saw the image I sent you in jest.

Thing is, devs have been fully informed of the situation a whiiiiiiile ago.
Prrrretty sure they have videos, screenshots, everything.
And because they haven’t done squat, this thread happened.
But sure, leeeeet’s keep waiting for devs to resolve this, just like we’ve been waiting for Update 249 for… how long has it been already?

…a while, right?

I understand that. However, no one on the forum can help with this issue.

Anything posted here will only be a self-serving vent and create more drama. It won’t solve anything.

To say the devs haven’t done anything is incorrect. They act and another issue happens. Over and over. They can’t prevent players from irritating each other.


Well this current issue entirely hinges on James giving plots to someone who just asked, without attempting to investigate the situation or ask other people who would’ve been impacted by such a decision.

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can this threat be left alone for a bit please, last thing i want is player vs player war
@majorvex feel feel to lock this for a day

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I am aware of the details. Going all the way back to before DK Mall was in the area.

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Fair enough.


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For you who read this last reply you are loved and you dosnt need negativity in your life go scroll the screenshot trhead instead :heart: much love jeja