This is getting out of hand

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We all know, that he doesn’t care about that, otherwise he wouldn’t have banned huge money givers completely from the game.

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He did only because that whale was abusing the limits of James’ patience well beyond any acceptable limit, though. He had a ridiculously large number of people against him, did some disgusting things, exploited the loopholes in the rules to grief people, lied about his motives, abused the compactness rules, annexed people left and right… when he allegedly made racist comments while in a private talk with the devs, that sealed his fate.
He got what he deserved.

That’s why I warned Host to be careful because “if you read the rules, I did nothing wrong” goes only so far. There is such a thing as exploiting the rules. Alone, it’s shouldn’t be enough to get you banned, but it should and will count against you at one point if someone has to judge you.

Love you all


love you too bro!

edit 18th of may 2022

still going on, new players getting involved, old players contacting me about the behavior,
I’ve been away from the drama, but more and more people facing the same problems.
death threats are now being made, James really need to step in , as the title says THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND

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