THIS. WAS. A. MESS. 😂 I Hidden Gems Series [Ep 15] Boundless #voxelgames

I was all over the place in this video trying to find GTG’s main hub, España and then Brandywine. I’ll eventually get it together. :eyes:


Haha @DeViLiShBeCkS in the beginning is like WAIT, DON’T SHOW THIS, IT’S TOP SECRET :smiling_imp: What a timing :joy:

I like the all over the place video and GTG’s stuff is awesome :wink: (edit: ofc so is the other stuff shown, brandywine is epic)


that first 10 minutes is pretty much my methodology in trying to find a place again :grinning:
glad you managed to find some interesting spaces on your way round though…always great to see very cool builds I haven’t come across before.


Hey, totally awesome to have you come look around!

I’ll just say this, the “lul” was my old workshop, and is currently under renovation.

Also, small disclaimer about the beginning… We lock our planets before each hunt starts to prevent people from triggering regions before we get there! Just totally random that you happened to show up when you did, please don’t take offense! @DeViLiShBeCkS and I laughed so hard watching that part, because she had no clue you were even there hahaha xD


Brandywine holds the TNT portal which on Trior. @Shadykatt34

Z :rabbit:

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I figured as much - well I figured afterwards. LOL But no offense taken at all. I thought it was hilarious! LOVE! your workshop!


Running around and in and out of portals is my super power. LOL


Thank you!

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