Thoughtful ideas


Well from that post it sounds like he’s referring to a machine that’ll do it. Which means you would have to place the machine in a beacon and interact with it. Sooo still have to stop and go back to your plots


Yeah but what stops you from extending your beacon to the mantle and putting several of these organizers. What range do they have?
If they can’t send items further than 1-3 plots away, sure, no problem!

But if you can put an organizer in the bottom of your mine and it sends items 1000 plots away so you can keep mining, I see it as something that could be abused. Way too many players would do that and would be perfectly justified, like with the thread of the guy who complains about footfall and co-ops and slides, and all the co-op and slides makers come to report him and stuff.


Still wouldn’t change anything. Plenty of people have mine storage set up already. So they are already tossing it on shelves and going back to mining. Just meant they would have less trips back n forth to get it all home.

As for myself I actually have bases set up where I mine. Multi level storage and machines with power. If I need a color from a t6 planet I just go to the corresponding base :joy:


I’m just very very very cautious with ideas that would offer that level of convenience, and how some players would react to it, and how it would affect the game.
If the range of the organizer is limited, fine. Otherwise, it’s a nope from me, at least.


Guess you were against the free warp home too :sweat_smile:. I mean free warp home then use someone else’s portal network to get you back to the mine for free as well. It’s a really great convenience


Not a comparable level of convenience. Not being able to warp home for free meant you HAD to find your way back home when you were pretty much lost on a world filled with creatures far stronger than you.


I dunno being able to warp home for free when at the mantle of a t6 after mining is pretty great. Used to cost a good chunk of coin to get home right away.


I agree.
But it was mostly an answer to an actual problem of players getting lost. The drawback of allowing people to warp from their mines (and come back again) was worth it.

The organizer would just be the answer to a laziness problem, unless I miss something.


If the „Casual player“ Honestly can not login on the weekdays and can only play on the weekends, then maybe that player can close the portal Sunday night when himself and/or herself is obviously not able to play for 5 days and reopen it when that player can play, and also save on fuel in the process.

If this „Casual player“ has the portal opened for people who do play on the weekdays, then maybe this player can get someone who plays on the weekdays to fuel it.

The „Casual player“ can maintain the smaller sized portals from popular portal hubs, if they need traffic to his and/or her own shop.

Myself as a „Hardcore player“, I have personally found large portals to be a luxury and absolutely not required, and it is far more effective to piggyback off of a portal network that is already well made.


I dunno if I’d call it lazy since you would have to already have spent the time make the giant storage area as well as sort it out to begin with and have a place for every single thing and enough storage to hold it all on mass quantities. But I suppose if one hasn’t already done something like that it could be seen as just pure laziness instead of a QoL kind of thing.


Well I have a pretty big and organized storage space in my home. Might not have left space to store thousands of stone blocks, but if I can drop all the gems/minerals I collect while being 1000 plots away, so I can keep mining until my tools break…
But you’re right. QoL is the right term.
Why not also ask for a way to flag some containers as “take away containers” and you can then use another machine to take things from these containers while being far away from them? Then when your tools break, you can get other tools that you left in the flagged containers.
Then an auction house system to access all shop stands and all baskets from the convenience of your home so that you don’t actually have to go shopping?
I’m joking, of course.

Too much convenience can kill a game. Look at World of Warcraft. Blizzard added a bit of convenience by allowing players to be teleported into dungeons when they queued for them in an automatic search engine, and when they would leave the group, they’d be teleported back to where they were before being sent to the dungeon.
Before, players had to make their own groups by finding people in chat, and they had to make their way on foot.
The QoL seemed great at first, but overtime, it created problems and pretty much killed a big part of the social aspect of the game. I could explain all the things that went wrong, but that’d take too long.
But guess what? Now players are screaming their lungs out to get “classic servers” to go back to the time where there wasn’t all that QoL.
That experience made me a bit cautious of some QoL things.

This organizer idea would need limits to be a correctly balanced tool, IMO.


well if you already have a base camp set up where you mine you just bring a couple stacks of hammers with you and leave them in the storage to grab when you drop the mined mats off.

Auction house would be great. Tho that one I’d say would have to be separate from shops stands in an actual shop.

As for WoW I think that game is a joke now. But I also hate everything after BC and Wotlk


Wow is a complete sh!tshow now, which is why they are gonna release classic. But that is over a timespan of 10+ years. That is not really as a follow up from QoL, but rather them trying to cater for a larger player base, making the game more casual. Naturally, many QoL updates a long the way, but the initial changes should not be considered QoL. If you do, might as well call farming and exoplanets QoL updates…


lol Minecraft has this. Also it would have to be in your build to work. It’s a nice feature. It’s just a organizer. Let’s be real. Who cares if it helps move stuff. No one plots exos and other planets doesn’t really matter. Second third and forth accounts work just fine for this :wink:


Lol same with me. I used the entire Fireborn networks and put personal portals to shift mining mats. Was super easy. I have storages full on almost every planet. :joy: and I meant in every storage about 200 units. I don’t see the problem with a box or machine that does this.


Wholeheartedly agree with you here. Game has felt like another (mostly enjoyable) job at times. One of the reasons I’ve never really invested in a portal is due to the limited time I have to play the game.


I dunno how they would do this, but it would be a handy feature.

Yes, please.

This would be so useful! If you’re in a popular hub and need to plot/unplot/re-plot…it’s soooo risky.

lol I had to put signs in my workshop that labeled each of my alts & their main job so I wouldn’t forget. I’d like to be able to name the skill pages too. :+1:


Lmao. Yep. I keep looking and am like, “what is your job again”. Lol Labeling them would be so nice.