Thoughtful ideas


Hi peeps. So I have some ideas.

  1. Give us a option to turn off the quick switch in our hand wheel. ( I accidentally hit it all the time).

  2. Turn off option for camera change. ( I also hit that all the time), To release the grapple on a ps4 controller is down on the D pad. This is pretty frustrating when flying through the air only to try to switch back while falling to your death.

  3. A all in one drop box that will move items straight to a storage location within your plots, thus creating a ultimate, fast organizing machine ;).

  4. Make the minimum portal time 7 days, not 4 something. If you want a flat gaming experience that is fair to the casual gamer as well you need to consider most adults may only play during the weekends. Completely rendering them to wanting to open a large portal. You’re now excluding them from a important play style. Simply put, their portal will die before they can make it to the weekend to fuel it.

  5. The last one I’m going to suggest for now that has been talked about before was the selling of your beacon. I would love to be able to just transfer my beacon to my alts if he has the plots.
    My primary want for this is to be able to consolidate plots to certain alts without risking messing up or then being taken while so. My primary “savior” has over 5 K plots. I have 8 characters with close to 1k on some. I really want to give them all to one or two. There are many problems right now to transfer plots normally. For example; large towers that have many plots in between that you are incapable of replotting without breaking though your walls. Same for under ground builds. What if a troll just happens to regen your build. Could also just be a random accident to do so. Or owning a popular hub/city connecting to all of your other plots. We really need plot transfer, pretty please? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh and something else on my mind, can we please label our skill pages? I want to name them. For example; exo miner , road runner slayer…


I strongly agree with your last comment.
We desperately need an easier way to transfer plots between alts.
There is way too much risk involved if you have to log off and back on, its even risky if you have both characters online at the same time and unplot because you have to get rid of the whole column before the alt can plot it and if you’re in a busy area or some plot vulture is watching you unplot…


Yes, this!!


How about a ‘craft all available’ on craft tables. Well, on all machines :slight_smile:


In case you didn’t know, O is also grapple release on ps4. Little easier than using the dpad.


I do yes. I just like my left hand to be the release. I have thought about remapping the controller. We can do that in the ps4 settings. When I’m using my grapple to launch myself forward O seems to be a bit more difficult for me unfortunately.


That auto switch in my load out gets me all the time too and I never use it.


It’s so annoying right? Lol. There are options to toggle the main hand and turn off the secondary but I’m not sure why we can’t disable it outright.


Not sure if 1st and 2nd are console only. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe shortcuts I never use or forgot about. < shrugs >

As for the 3rd, do you mean a button when you’re into the UI of your inventory and a storage container to drop all or take all? I know it’s something we have in Satisfactory, and it’s pretty useful.
Not something I’ve ever needed/thought about, but it sounds like a good idea.

The 4th, eh… I’m confused. You’re talking about a portal of how many conduit blocks and how many blinksec of distance at least? Or are you talking about how much time one oortshard can last, which is 1 hour for a portal of 1x2 to the same planet. For that configuration, a full stack of oortshards lasts for more than 5 weeks, right? Could you elaborate?

The 5th is a pretty awesome and straight forward. Already been pitched, though. But still, never hurts to say it again, we need that! :smiley:


Please please please please please for the 5th one.

I’d be on board for oort shards lasting longer in portals too, so I think that’s #4 too.

Is there a way to remap controls? That would solve the first two issues too.


As much as I would also love for oortshards to last longer, there’s also the side of the people arguing that it would increase the number of portals leading to places that are not being taken care of enough. I think we can all agree that it sucks when you’re taking a portal to see where it leads, and on the other side, there’s a fueled beacon, sure, but nothing to sell or buy because the owner hasn’t been there in a while.
Even today I’ve seen a thread about someone from the Portal Seekers asking for a guy who’s portal was up (which was causing some organization problems or something), and yet, the latter admitted he left the game and uninstalled it a few days ago.


That’s valid, but not all portals are for shops anyways. Some people have portals just to read the other side of their large builds.

The OP I think was suggesting it so that people could have portals that last longer for people that may have limited playtime.

I know for the really big portals It would be impossible to keep them fueled if someone was to go for just a little bit. Ideally they have others who can help though.


But that’s what confused me. A 1x2 portal, if fully fueled, stay open for more than 5 weeks. How big does a portal has to be to last only 4 days? And how far does it go? Unless I’m mistaken, he’s talking about a 24 conduit blocks portal. o_o


And if you have one or more portals of that size it would be kinda helpful to keep them open longer than 4 days.

I think it would be an idea to have more slots the bigger the portal gets just like with spark generators.


Nice idea!


Most likely they are console only. We are limited. As for 3. No, a drop container that will move all once your inventory to storage boxes you have on your plots. Imagine a storage you’ve built. You have at least one item in it place in a storage box. When you drop your inventory into the organizer it will move it to the place you want. Instead of going through and organizing that way. As for portals I’m arguing that any min portal time should be 7 days. Pretty simple. Give casual players a chance.


Agreed! I like this idea.


Thanks but I can’t take credit for it, someone else suggested it a while back and I liked it too! But many good ideas can get snowed under in some long threads so it was worth repeating!


Nope 18 conduit blocks is 4days and 7hrs iirc. And not everyone lives close to Ultima Eresho or Gyosha Mall etc. I run the guild portals and have to make sure to stay on top of filling them.


So it would pretty much send the items from your inventory to containers in your beacon without you actually having to interact with them?
I don’t see that happening. I think it could create some weird situations and behaviors from some players.

Like, people who have a huge number of plots in the same beacon on T5+ worlds would be able to go mine deep into the earth for gems and have containers up top, and they would start to send their loot through this wi-fi inventory organizer to be able to not have to stop mining.
That doesn’t seem like something the game should allow us to do.