Thoughts On Plot Wars

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I wish it wasn’t a thing… The reason I moved from raxxa (not shaming) Was because of this! I also made a bridge, they asked me to unplot it because it broke “building regulations” of roads (all roads on the side i was on was not the material i made it with) and then they used their plots as an EXCUSE to annex my settlement. Then they also used a complex web of roads to annex all the settlements on a side! I asked them to get rid of it but they put it back up again! Please share your thoughts (BUT NO PUBLIC SHAMING!)


I moved from my starter planet because of plot wars. Tho buffers weren’t a thing at that time since it was at launch. Funny thing is those people don’t even play anymore. So they ruined my original plans for no reason.


I’m fine with being a part of a settlement when i actually WANT to. They gave me no choice and i moved

Plot wars wouldn’t have been a huge issue had plot protection been a thing from the start.

My only advice at this point is to plot larger than you think you will need, get all your ground level plots down first before you start building vertically, and make sure you have plot protection turned on!


How do we know we have it on or not?

This is good in theory, but this comes only after you’ve been playing the game for awhile & have gained a lot of plots.

Same argument for keeping beacons fueled … “just don’t forget & put in plenty of fuel…it’s easy”…sure, but people keep getting upset and quitting over it. Not good.

Plot wars/problems are bad for the game overall.


The only way afaik is to check the beacon control options.


The confusing part is that the plot map GUI shows the buffers even if it’s off, and the visual turns on automatically when the beacon hits 10k prestige but it’s not actually on until you manually turn it on from the settings.

I guess it’s a remnant when the setting was on by default for all beacons.


I agree completely @majorvex. I’ve been extremely vocal about my issues with prestige and plot wars, but they’re the only solutions I have on hand at the moment with the current system.

Go to your Beacon, then to Options, and make sure Protection Status is checked;

Edit; @Mayumichi beat me!


We have Exos, we have a special event running with limited time items, we have a huge new feature/game mode that was just added…and the 1st thing I see when I get back home are these posts about plot problems.

It runs off new players, it runs off vet players that love the game, it causes fights.

Edit to add: buffers, reservations, and opt-outs will not fix this issue imo.


since this is 100% not involving me I will give you some answers…

Let us deal with the bridge.

You built it…your neighbors did not like like it… so YOU voluntarily tried to be a good person and accommodate then and remove it. They rewarded you with forced annexation PLUS probably built their own road bridge in the place of yours and force connected you.

Making it simpler you did all of the right things and got royally shafted.

Lesson I take from it…both you and your neighbors had an agenda… not saying anything is wrong with that (in your case you just wanted a bridge!) Your neighbors however had less than honorable intentions…coerced you to give them their way, and you following the rules had no choice to let them get away with it. Seems cut and dry and THIS I do not like.

Other scenario which in this situation didnt happen would be where the one person would cry victim OMG this Lunai person purposely built this bridge and makes you out to be the bad guy with VERY Uncool itentions to harm the larger innocent neighbor… People gang up on you and YOU are made out to be the bad person!

So how do you protect yourself in the future? SADLY the lesson I have learned very recently is you built the bridge, its your bridge, tell your neighbor’s “building department” you’ll see em in court lol and get lost… there is no pleasing some people so if you do not want to be burned (sadly I wish it were not so) by either possibility the answer is just keep the bridge…

IF you want to TRY and play ball…offer them TEMPORARY perms remove your materials they dislike, and let them rebuild it on your land…if you are kind you can offer to pay them for their materials but not until rebuild completed, and you remove the perms. To me, that is the safest option, and if your neighbors are really all that concerned they will say OK GREAT! I’d be willing to bet you a soda though they will suddenly say NO…

@Mayumichi @Pseudonym84 thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah all these issues I have read about on these forums the past few days with people being annexed, or being taken over because someone builds next to them and forces them to be a part of their city is really making me question if the $40 I spent on this game was a mistake. I am really not getting a positive or friendly vibe from this game anymore.


There are plenty of helpful and friendly people about, @CeissaDesiste! I honestly think this is one of the most positive communities I’ve come across in an online game.

That said, not many people find the desire to post about their positive experiences, but you can be sure all the people having a negative one will have a thing or two to say about it, as always the negative posts rise to the top, which gives a disproportionate sense of the game.

There are problems for sure, but don’t let a handful of fringe cases put you off - I’ve played well over two thousand hours, have been part of many communities and towns, and have never had a single issue myself with plot griefing.


I only made the bridge so it would be EASIER for me to get into the city to buy the stuff i needed!
edit: There wasn’t a water entry place to enter. It was across a lake.

Don’t get me wrong - I think this game is amazing :heartpulse: & offers a lot of things that other games don’t. This game could be a monster in the future :heart_eyes::+1: There are just a few fundamental things that are holding it back imo.

A lot of us that have thousands of hours/$ invested really want this game to flourish and to get more people to join in. That’s why some are being vocal about certain much needed changes. We hate to see people walk away over these issues.

As a newer player, it sounds like you’re doing everything :+1: right. You shouldn’t have any issues. Most of the plot wars/settlement issues are between players that have builds with thousands of plots and a lot (millions) of prestige.

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They also removed the bridge afterward. They also never fully completed it!
edit: They left the line of plots but not the physical bridge!

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You cant put the genie back in the bottle. The game was advertised as empire building controlling resources ect… So Ive kinda accepted no matter where you go a challenger will always arise. Just because you feel snug with your build now doesn’t mean someone wont build next to you some monstrosity you may not appreciate and be an awful neighbor.

The only option I see at this point is to have build only private worlds or plot restricted worlds where you get 1000 plots max. Folks that have been playing regular and the oortian folks have literally thousands of plots and if they decide to come to your planet theres very little safety against that. As more ppl play eventually your naturally gonna run outta room and ppl will be bumping heads regularly.

I think ppl need to do their own research when they start a new game but Plot wars are here and you either deal with them or go play another game it is what it is at this point.

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This is definitely the current state of the game. And a lot of that verbiage is still present - on the internet, in the game (achievements, viceroy, etc)

I made my new home in an ENCLOSED space that i actually WANT to live in. Its Chinashop! at Lasertech Galactic.

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so rather than your bridge, there is now just an UGH of nothingness there… well they may want to fire their workers at their Building Department lol