Tier 3 Copper & Iron Farm

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Hey there!

We have a good location on Lamblis (tier 3 metal), since we have a huge (like, really huge) cave underneath, rich in Copper, Iron, Lava and Combustion Fractions. There is a little bit of Silver and Gold too. I’ve made a cozy trampoline-enabled entrance to the cave & we are thinking of a possibility to connect the place to a farm hub.

A few questions to the forum gurus:

  1. Is there any need for Copper and Iron and do you think people would be interested in something like that?
  2. Are there any farm hubs on Lamblis that we could connect to? Going higher on shards would be hard to maintain for our tiny starters’ guild.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Copper and iron are always needed - even late game : )


I always end up farming copper specifically when I need to make gold blocks.


Very useful for making alloys

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I see :slight_smile: And what about the other question: who can I contact regarding farm networks and connecting to them?

People love copper and iron

Try fortunist for farm network

You’re also more than welcome to open a portal at DK tree on Eresho (1x3 conduits)

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Hey buddy you could connect to the TNT farm hub potentially.
Or at our lamblis host @Tmmk

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Hi @DKPuncherello! I am thinking of connecting to Eresho too, but probably around mid-September :wink: don’t want to increase oort spending a lot before vacation :slight_smile:

You could connect to Terra Nova TNT + Dk Lamblis Host still have portals available in the main hub but you can also make use of the mini hub. :wink:
(If you already did open one, no problem ill edit signs automatically to beacon name or character name [if beacon is not named] if it needs an other thats fine to just let me know😉)