Tier 5-6 planet Meteors. Remove components and seeds

I always found a lower tier planets drop more ort anyway and always dropped mere meteors. Always got more ort in a group of 5 smashing them out than the big hunts. Big hunts for me was awesome for mats. I also found that running around the planet seemed to drop more meteors than warping. But maybe I am tripping

Not tripping! Meteors have a chance to drop after crossing a 300x300 block gridline as well as when crossing a region line. Typically the gridline meteors are smaller, though.

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Smaller I don’t mind ort is ort and let’s be honest it takes no time even if on your own

So if you’re using https://boundless-maps.com/?planet=Grovidias%20Te and “Show Regions”, these blue and orange gridlines show where you could proc a gridline meteor.


I feel should definitely get more oort on T5-6 planets. That’s how it was before the update and that’s how it should still be. Otherwise what’s the real benefit of hunting a high tier world. Seeds do not feel like a reward.


I am on ps4…but I am thinking I could link up using a tablet…more I think about it. Why didn’t I do that earlier…lol

Disagree…Yes u might get more per metors but I always got alot more ort per hour hunt time on lower tier planets. Only because u get then done quick and terrain is easy to get around triggering more meteors. When on boori at a tree farm I get 3 sometime 4 meteors in 5 minutes it’s crazy…I go there often when I am on my own and need ort quick. But u don’t get the mats u might want though

Went from 230-250 oort in 2 hrs before update. Now to 150-170 oort in 2hrs after update which added seeds. This should not be happening.

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Wow that a huge difference…

Hoping to see something about this fixed. Tech or ore removed from high tier world meteors. Does anyone really use these seeds?

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It’ll be fixed when the aoe spanner/fist and lighting are fixed :joy:


So ready so this to hopefully happen. Still would like to see the useless items removed from meteors. Please remove tech and seeds from meteors, you could make the seeds craftable. Such as a recipe of:

Rock salt
Refined stone (color of rock would determine the color of the crystal)
Gems (to make seed prestigious)
Gleam (possibly?)

Remove ores also please!


i like getting the ores


Meeee toooo! I really hate mining so getting ores from meteors really helps me… you can keep the seeds though. :blush:

Yea I like the bonus of ores and tech. Ores make sense in a meteor too. Wouldn’t be too upset if they took them out but I do like them. Why not just ask for oort bumped back to their old averages? I mean all they added was a seed.

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In order to return oort to it’s previous glory is to remove something from the meteor drop.

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What do people use tech for? :sweat_smile: I never keep it when I mine. Takes up space and it never sells in my shop

Finally using components for iron filigree which we use on the side of roads in KB.

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I suggested several times before to remove mine-ables from meteorite loot. Be it tech or metals or even gems.
Made that loot box about other stuff, unique to meteorites. If all mine-ables are removed than seeds can stay together with oort.

I use it surprisingly fast when I craft coils, chews through the stuff if ya crafting on a large scale