Tiger (Ameryah, BobDBuilder, Starla, and GleamSeeker) and EGO are back!

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Hi everyone!

I’m Tiger, a founder of Tiger Lake. I’ve been playing since a few days before launch. My place, Tiger Lake, has been on Alder since the day I started playing! You can find us through the PS Alder (Shops Portals), Tigg’s Tunnels Alder, Fireborn and The Georgio Consciousness Connection on Alder, and Yggdrasil on Beckon. We’re looking to join more hubs, so if you have a lead on Alder or Beckon, please let me know! The area is a collaborative build area for my guild, The Collective Consciousness (EGO). We just opened a new portal to our guild planet, Psychoid, and hope to set up a bunch of farms there soon!

The Collective Consciousness is a collaborative guild, where we build things together, help each other with tools, weapons, and materials, and love to brainstorm and come up with epic ideas that look amazing! We are now looking for new members. The guild was inactive, as my family moved across the country, but we are in our new home and stable enough to start playing and building with friends again! You may recognize my bestie Oorteeesha, or my partner, Szalvias, as they are more active than I can be. If you are interested, feel free to join our Discord and chat with us: www.https://discord.gg/HqXHXM448S You can also stop by Tiger Lake, and join the ID faction, then send a guild chat. We check messages every day! There is a mailbox outside of Lakeview Workshop at Tiger Lake, where you can send me a message. We even have a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/903211953365113/?ref=share. Of course, you can also respond to this thread. I look forward to meeting you!

Right now I’m focusing on getting more guild helicies and power coils, and filling up my shop at Tiger Lake (Lakeview Shop). Meanwhile, Oorty is working on some build competitions, Szalvias is building our new underwater guild hall, and Archie is working on a slide. What do you want to do?


Welcome back.

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Thank you!

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I want to add that this is a great guild if you are a family person and need a family friendly environment that understands IRL obligations.
Typically the most active times are in the evening after 8 pacific (4am UTC).
Great people here!

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I have to say it was nice to see an old friend today!

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Gleemseeker has 1 empty plot below dkmall under where our shop is and is interfering with us plotting the store. Would they mind deplotting it please?

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We can work together, but I have plans for that plot, so let’s chat?