Tigg's Tunnels temporary shrinking again

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I love the game but between my keyboard crapping out on me, my new doctor cancelling my narcolepsy medication (my lovely main symptom is that I tend to pass out after 10-15 minutes of trying to read or write, sooner if i have to try and think as well or fill out forms, often writing while already dreaming because I both sleepwalk and have sleep paralysis, boooooyeah, never had a driver’s liscence b/c it would be dangerous etc etc—i’m furious with this new doctor and fighting it because it’s just one too many things that have been taken away in this recent decade of anti-medication hysteria in the USA that’s gotten so bad that the UN has accused the USA of torturing people with chronic pain, so… oh and this new doctor also took that away so i’m gobbling ibuprofen which is terrible for my kidneys etc etc–project KILL THE POOR is going strong in the USA in case anyone hadn’t noticed), I haven’t been able to untangle hunt schedules since those stopped happening same time same planet on the daily anymore, and I’ve been using Boundless to fend frustruation and depression over ■■■■ circumstances and I need a break from the economics until I can figure out the keyboard problem at least. The computer I’m on might die any day whether or not I figure out the keyboard thing, this is the one I used to have that shorts out and shuts itself off randomly. Me hammering on it while hunting has taken out the TAB key in the last week. My left hand is becoming unuseable from some horseshit age thing causing my knuckles to want to lock in place and hurting like hell popping from closed to open… anyhoo I default to happy as a person to what’s always seemed to me to be a fortunate degree but circumstances are wearing me down pretty hard, it’s been an uphill battle coming back from homelessness, I got lucky to have a pretty durable and spendy laptop and phone when my situation fell apart, internet cafes and cheap cable internet, etc & etc. So I’ve already been paying close attention to what stops on the Tunnels get traffic and already know which places are pulling in <100c a month and have no local portals and haven’t had a donation in a year. The Tunnels were always a labor of love for me and my predecessor, and it was fun having an Objective push my learning new stuff and getting on the hunts until I started liking hunting–that skill will always be mine now. I’m just bummed out of my gourd, can’t access my alts anymore, and have been struggling to get all this whining out of my system before I konk out again (haven’t injected 400mg of caffeine into my eyeball yet this morning so I can’t keep a train of thought either)… anyhoo I feel less depressed after writing this, sorry if I’m just getting rid of my own bummers by passing them off to you all–I have a low threshhold for stomaching things stoically. I had more to say, I’m furious because I love the game and it’s just my own ■■■■ circumstnces making it impossible to keep up with what I intended to keep doing. I’m not going away unless the laptop completely croaks or I lose so many keys that I can’t get back in. I’m just not the type who retreats from a plan without banging a bunch of pots and pans. Like I said I already know what stops I’m going to let close, what stays open is what’s been being used already in the last year and what I personally happen to use often. Looking forward to less tready-water days!

Thank you btw I saw your donation Grov Te, and thank you ppl who’ve been shopping at BASH/Schrodingers, you’ve kept me going.


Just want to say, here for you, big :hugs: and while I know nothing can be said to make it better, can help to vent and I’m in the same boat…

THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ll refrain from saying more publicly since I might get myself the ol’ banhammer, haha… but right there with you.


This is why human stupidity as a whole must end

I understand what’s going on, the tunnels were my first ever portal hub. <3

I hope that you feel better soon. a million <3s to you

FYI, I’m willing to take care of the tunnels for you, hope you feel better!
I have the coin and am willing to use it to fund this great metro-like project.

your doctor sounds like the worst, I’d say sue him for personal damages if you feel like doing that.

My Z key recently broke, I have to hold it to make it type something. :frowning: I hope you don’t lose any more keys like how my z key died.

If you want, you can give me permissions to fueling Tigg’s Tunnels so that the network doesnt have to take a break.


I am not a believer in “prayer” but I am sending you all the best thoughts and positive energy. It might not be worth much but I really hope things get better for you. (And yeah, the US healthcare system sucks.)


I have an external keyboard working, but I’m still beating up this alredy shaky laptop in the WASD… My request for help now is–

  • can someone help me by letting me know what make/model of game controller will work with a macbook pro 2015?

I’m hoping that by not pounding on the keys I will be able to stretch out whatever life this laptop has left. This is the shorting-out laptop I replaced a ways back with a laptop that completely died (does not start up) a few months ago, but I can’t put off other things I need to save up for like getting my kitty to an annual physical, getting myself an out-of-pocket steroid shot in my bone-spurred SI joint, etc, so it would be maybe a year before I could start saving up for a replacement for this laptop (I can save about $100/month if I put it where I can’t get to it instead of putting off and finding an alternative approach to an incidental expense; I’m working on raising that with better coordination of stocking my pantry and cooking and such) and I want to make this one last that long if I can. Boundless has a way of keeping this drowining in bone spurs thing from depressing the ■■■■ out of me so to me it is well worth spending some money on.

  • another question is (in case this laptop completely craps out); if I saved up for a game console next time instead of another laptop, would I be able to play the sam character and its alts that I’m playing now?

I am mulling over ideas on how I can make the best of the help that’s been offered; since able to access alts again I’ve been playing a lot more and not having a lot of desire to English :smiley:

Sadly, no. Accounts between Steam and Playstation are separate.

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