Timbob's Farmers Market April Raffle!

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Hello my fellow Oortians!!

We had so much fun last month at raffle and we’re doing another one this month!!! It will be held 2022-04-18T02:30:00Z. As always it’ll be held at TimBob’s Farmers Market on Raxxa. We want to thank all of our donors from last month’s raffle, you guys make these events what they are and they wouldn’t be possible without you. If you want to donate feel free but by no means is there any obligation to.

We’ll have plenty to give away, but we want to hear what you guys want to be given away so if you want to see something leave a reply below.

Lastly, enjoys some pictures from last months raffle!!!



So excited to see everyone, as always <3

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maybe i should handcraft a campfire to get rid of that notification lol


Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates, very excited for tonight can’t wait to give away everything. A little incentive to come tonight, we’ll be giving away our biggest cash prize ever tonight!!!


Love this :heart: Great job!