Timbob's Farmers Market Free Community Raffle Tomorrow, March 5th @ 11:30PM EST!

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Hello my fellow Oortians!!!

I’m glad to announce after our grand opening raffle we’ve decided to do a monthly raffle. It was so much fun to get to connect with the community and we can’t wait to do it again!! Our next raffle will be held on 2022-03-06T04:30:00Z. \ We’ll holding it in the main hub of Timbob’s Farmers Market which can be found on Raxxa. We also have portals at TNT, GTG, Rivebois Market, EZPZ and the Raxxian Sanctuary.

Last event went amazing which is a big reason we’ve decided to continue on doing it, but it wouldn’t of been as amazing without some help so before I go on I want to thank @11Elvis11 as well as @HOST for their very generous donations as well as their kind support.

If you’d like to donate or just have any general questions please feel free to leave a reply below or PM me in game.

Like last time we will be giving away loads of goodies ranging from useful and rare blocks to gems and lucents to forged tools and weapons to coin. We will also hold a private raffle just for our shop owner’s with the winner receiving 150,000c. Last month’s winner was @SeleneRati the owner of Meteor Memories. Definitely check her shop out, she makes some amazing hammers and shovels!!

If you want a to become a shop owner as always just leave a message at our letter boxes which can be found in the main hub of the mall, and yes we have a special surprise for anyone who opens a shop the night of the event!!

We also want to announce we will be holding a hunt shortly, we’re just putting finishing touches on the platforms and then will be looking for an open slot to host in!!

Lastly, I’ve attached some photos we took of our last raffle. A big thank you from everyone at TimBob City to all of the Oortians who attended some of which opened shops.

Hope to see you all soon!!! :grin:

-Your Fellow Oortian McDonlid


Was so much fun❤️ The shop owners are all super nice and the community is so sweet. Hope to see a good turn out again - DrPhil


We’re only one week away, who else is excited?!?!?!?! If you have any ideas or suggestions of what we should give away leave a reply below and who knows maybe just maybe you could win it!! :wink:

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Can’t wait for tomorrow night we have a lot of cool stuff we’ll be giving away!!! Come join us it’s completely free and who knows what you could win!!!


when is it?

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1130 est! Tonight

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This was awesome thanks. You guys about filled my inventory last night!

@McDonlid @alicia2330 the 500k donation I did towards the event was this split or given out to a contestant in full?

Pretty sure it was split, I know I cleaned up :wink:

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Split with coin i personally donated amongst multiple contestants