Timbob's Farmers Market Grand Opening!

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Hello Fellow Oortians,

Almost a month later and we’re excited to say that this weekend we will officially be holding our grand opening. I know we’ve technically been open for a while already, yes and no. We’ve been open but we were still adding in things and getting things to where we felt comfortable enough to say it’s time to officially open.

To celebrate this we’re inviting all of you, our fellow Oortians, to come on down and have some fun with a good ole raffle. We will be hosting this on this upcoming Saturday [2022-02-06T04:30:00Z. We will be hosting this @ Timbob’s Farmers Market which is accessible from: TNT Megahub, GTG GL :globe_with_meridians:BAL, The Firm, EZPZ Hub, Rivebois Market, and the Raxxian Sanctuary.

Beforehand, we encourage you to join us as we join Vikings on a hunt at 8:30 CST.

We do need recommendations on what to raffle off so please leave some things you’d like to see below!

We are also giving a free month of rent to the shop owners who have joined us during our building process and to anyone who decides to open a shop the night of the event!!!Also if you enter the night of or already have a shop with us you will be entered in a shop owners only raffle for 150,000c!!!

Lastly, keep your eyes on the forums as we have some other ideas in the planning stage that we hope to be sharing with all of you soon.

We hope to see you this Saturday Night and Welcome you to join our discord and hang out and chat with us during the event!! :grin: :smiley:

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Z5DmaNerWV


forged tools are always a win to raffle off!
i will forge some tools you can use for the raffle.

I would like to increase the amount by 150.000c


Super excited :heart:

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Congrats! Excit in g

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Just a reminder we will be starting our Raffle in 3 hours!!! We are excited, the amount of generosity we’ve received is extraordinary and we are beyond thankful. We have a stockpile of amazing items to give away so bring your friends and fellow guild members over to Timbob’s Farmers Market and win some prizes!!!

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