Timbob's Farmers Market Relaunch!

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Hello My Fellow Oortians!!

I’m here to announce the official relaunching of Timbob’s Farmers Market!!

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working on renovating Timbob’s Farmers Market. We are in the progress of adding on a portal hub. We’ve been collecting resources amongst other things while fuelling our TNT portal. As of today we’ve got a few more of our friends playing with us again and now have plenty of resources to lower our rent price down to 1 rough oortstone per month, we only charge rent as a way to stop necroing within the mall itself. We now offer 20,000 coin to anyone who opens a shop with us once that shop is built and stocked.

Our mall is located on Raxxa, and we have portals in TNT, EZPZ, FarmSchool, and Fantasy Tree. We offer both 2x3 and 1x3 shops with no height limits. We plan our holding community events throughout the year and each month we will be choosing a random shop owner to receive a pretty heft gift from the mall. If you’d like a shop we have set up letter boxes in front of each storefront so just shoot us a message letting us know which shop you’d like.

We hope to see you around in game and as always stay boundless!!! :green_heart:


If you need special sizing for portals let us know! We’ll help out the best we can. Ty to those who have stayed loyal and supported us. We’ve missed you all. -DrPhil

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that’s what I want to hear from everyone :sunglasses: :grin: :heart_eyes:

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Bob invasion

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