Time to hire a social media/community/brand manager?


There’s a lot of incorrect info, out-of-date info, unanswered questions, etc about Boundless out there. Maybe it’s time to hire a P/T dedicated social media/community/brand manager to keep things cleaned up.

This mis-info might be frustrating for new players or confusing to potential players. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the game - just that the info out there needs to somewhat match. As the game morphs into what it will eventually become, someone should keep the info updated a little better, if possible.

For example: I am looking to buy a car. You tell me you have a car for sale. I arrive to see that you actually have a truck for sale. I get mad and leave. It’s not that the truck is bad, it’s just that I want to buy a car.

I hope this is viewed as constructive input. (Not picking on you devs…you’re all doing a great job!)


Yeah… that website never gets anything right about a video game.

I think Wonderstruck could contact them and request that they update their entry of the game or take it down completely. They’re basically showcasing a completely different game.

Good find though!


I agree with you title. Get the word out. But you know, even as small as it sounds, that’s $$$ that got to be paid to someone and there might not be that in the budget.


Probably not & no one wants to take away from the current team & their resources.

I’d offer to do it, but I’m literally using a laptop while sitting on the floor right now - until I find a house. I can’t wait to get a new place & set up my rig. :house::desktop_computer:


Has a Linux Version.



That’s what you have auditors and QA for (as I am one myself, I should know :sweat_smile:). I believe they were looking for one a few months/weeks ago. Not sure if they did find someone yet but whoever it is/will be has their work cut out.