Time to hire a social media/community/brand manager?


There’s a lot of incorrect info, out-of-date info, unanswered questions, etc about Boundless out there. Maybe it’s time to hire a P/T dedicated social media/community/brand manager to keep things cleaned up.

This mis-info might be frustrating for new players or confusing to potential players. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the game - just that the info out there needs to somewhat match. As the game morphs into what it will eventually become, someone should keep the info updated a little better, if possible.

For example: I am looking to buy a car. You tell me you have a car for sale. I arrive to see that you actually have a truck for sale. I get mad and leave. It’s not that the truck is bad, it’s just that I want to buy a car.

I hope this is viewed as constructive input. (Not picking on you devs…you’re all doing a great job!)


Yeah… that website never gets anything right about a video game.

I think Wonderstruck could contact them and request that they update their entry of the game or take it down completely. They’re basically showcasing a completely different game.

Good find though!


I agree with you title. Get the word out. But you know, even as small as it sounds, that’s $$$ that got to be paid to someone and there might not be that in the budget.


Probably not & no one wants to take away from the current team & their resources.

I’d offer to do it, but I’m literally using a laptop while sitting on the floor right now - until I find a house. I can’t wait to get a new place & set up my rig. :house::desktop_computer:


Has a Linux Version.



That’s what you have auditors and QA for (as I am one myself, I should know :sweat_smile:). I believe they were looking for one a few months/weeks ago. Not sure if they did find someone yet but whoever it is/will be has their work cut out.


I know you aren’t a huge team with a ton of ppl & resources, but you may need to assign someone to manage your steam/reddit forums, etc. You’re getting murdered on steam with misinfo and there seems to be no official replies to anything. The reviews are going to be in the red soon. We, as players, can only do so much to help. Having a higher than avg initial purchase price + mostly neg reviews will pretty much stop any new players from buying the game.


I played MC from day one pretty much. When it first came out, it was free for PC. Then it was free for windows if you had the free PC version, etc while they were fixing things. Back in the day, MC had tons of really bad bugs/updates/etc. These things don’t scare me off. I think when people pay $15-40 for a game, they expect a finished product and they don’t expect so much interaction with the dev team (I personally love it though), they don’t expect big alterations to the game, and they expect periodical updates/DLCs.

I play a lot of games and TBH, BL plays/feels/updates very much like it’s still in Alpha. It’s not a bad thing, but I think it may run off some casual gamers or people that expect it to run/play like similar games they’ve purchased. Maybe it should be marketed as “early access” or playable beta so that people don’t have unrealistic expectations.

I personally love testing alpha/beta games & software and will stick with the ones I like for years or until they kick the bucket. I think most casual gamers & the majority of console players are expecting a finished product though, with updates & DLCs as needed.

I’ve invested a lot of my time/$ in BL(as many players have) and would be crushed if the dev team walked away from the game bc of bad steam reviews/etc.


yea the steam forums for sure could use more activety see a lot of times people posting questions there and getting no reply what so ever even in the tech support section… unsure what they could do about the steam reviews tho unless the person posting it has comments enabled there would be no way i think the devs could reply to it.


I responded to that first one a few hours ago, but I agree an official response to refute the utter lies and silliness would go a long way


Yes, I think some sort of PR and advertising would really help…


Yea and not just a YouTuber that made nice video once like last time need be someone who loves the game and not just runs as soon as he get better deal