Timed out connecting to server

I got a good hour and a half in this morning before the connection went back to completely unplayable to the EU region. I’m based on EU so it practically locks me out of my storage, machines, everything.

Well, I fixed mine.

A VPN company had a crazy deal and I went with it. Still high latency then should be, but all playable.

I think we should all band together and create some class action against a few ISPs.
They charge premium, Should offer it also.

Not sure i am supposed to link the company name. but 9 hours left on a 3 year deal. MSG if interested.

Both me and a friend have the same problem. Almost every evening (after 6PM Eastern US) the EU worlds turn into Unplayable connections, especially Finata. We have experienced this on multiple different connections, since we are naughty and have logged in from work and home. This has led us to believe that the problem is not our various ISPs specifically but one limited to Boundless EU worlds. We do not have any trouble getting to US East, West, or Australia at all at any time of day. This is concerning since there are some hubs that are located in places that we can’t access during our primetime.

Try a free VPN, most have a free 7 day trial. I found it hard to believe also until you look up DNS Servers and how they work. ISPs use cheap routes. VPN use more quality links. It fixed my connection issues. And i havent been able to go to EU worlds in a week.

A VPN might be a viable workaround, but I’ve honestly never been in a game where an overseas server was completely inaccessible to me via normal ISP traffic. High latency, 250ms, completely expected, but to not even be able to connect reliably? That is a new experience for me, and I’ve played games on EU and Asian servers for various MMO-like games for years. This is why I think it may merit some networking investigation.

Same here, I been looking at VPN for other reasons for awhile. So it kinda just made my final push to buy a sub.

Its odd that Itll be fine for weeks and all a sudden go crazy for a week.

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I’ve been having issues… went into my modem/router and changed the DNS to googles and so far I have been lag free… note: that not all ISP modem/router allows you to change the DNS… see if that helps you out.

Sadly, I am already on google’s DNS, though that is a good idea for anyone who is having just general lag issues!

if you google I think there is a few more DNS’s other then google that could be used. would be trial and error until you get the right one

I’ve used both google and opendns dns servers and neither appear to resolve this issue. I was able to connect to EU servers fine for a few hours about 6 hours ago but they are now back to unplayable. I’m on AT&T Uverse Fiber. 1Mb bandwidth.

Except people in the EU have it the other way around, so that makes one believe it’s not the servers but still the routing…

Note, USE is always fine for me from the EU, EU ones of course as well, USW really rarely do have their moments, sometimes a few days when it happens suddenly and AUS always gives me ‘unplayable’ when I exit a portal to one of those worlds, usually tho it’s still playable after that, but it seems to be really, really close to where it’s not and the slightest disturbance somewhere on the route makes it go unplayable. Usually resolves itself after one or more days.

Which also kinda suggests routing issues on certain times/days/moments to me…

Hmm, that’s odd - someone up about said they are in EU and have trouble with EU servers sometimes too. All the same this really shouldn’t be happening given the structure of the game. Colors of various blocks change by planet and having an entire region’s worth of blocks inaccessible during the primetime of wherever you’re connecting from is a bad situation.

Indeed odd and am sure you can find some US players who have issues with US servers, as long as it is not all the players it’s probably not the servers themselves…

DNS change would only help if your bottleneck was in the name lookup but chances are it’s in the actual routing hops. As an aside, I would avoid Google’s DNS as they are using it to track every website you visit and build an advertising dossier about you to sell to advertisers. Your ISP is doing the same. CloudFlare offers a DNS that promises not to sell you out.

I kept an eye on this all weekend - surprisingly no issues getting to EU worlds at all, for the first time in a while! And this was without changing anything settings or connection-wise at my end whatsoever. Hopefully this trend continues.