Timed out connecting to server

How do I fix this?

Look away, then look at it again.

Issue is still there after looking away serveral times, tried relogging but it wont fix the issue

Maybe that server went down?

if you’re on PC, try windows key+r, then type:

cmd /K ping gs-live-usw1.playboundless.com

alt+printscreen the window once it’s done, and paste the result here.

You need to call your ISP. ask why they are not routing your traffic.

Okay, will do that. in the meantime is there anything I can do?

you could use a VPN service (like NordVPN or something… not sure what good free ones there are) to connect to boundless through another server.

I have an subscription for ExpressVPN, used to get booted alot by some toxic minemen. Anyways, it worked. Thanks for your help!!


Not sure if it is related. But i cant go to fInata right now because 300+ms unplayable connection for some reason.

Had to use warp home. Couldnt move.

Finata is on the EU server which ISPs tend to have bad routing to around this time of day.

I think the only real way for them to fix it is something like this:

But that’s a lot of work and probably wont happen any time soon :frowning:

Yea, usually laggy for me, but hardly ever unplayable like it just was. I am US East so i dont really look at the lag as crazy most the time. Just seen this post about the time i couldnt even walk on the server. Which is weird.

I also have horrible connection on Besevrona also. Unplayable and a few other planets also.

Unnaturally laggy tonight.

I’m having issues to all USW servers. I can’t go to any without having a connection issue… guess I’m homeless until I am able to go back to Angel 1 lol

Yea i Cant play on Cardass, Besevrona or Finata right now. And it isnt my connection. Either something up on Steam or servers one. US East, West and AUS seem ok for the most part.

everything but the west server is working fine for me… something is up… guess all we can do is wait it out.

Haven’t been able to get to anywhere in Finata or Gellis tonight

Same, Something is up with the servers or something. I cant access EU servers at all. And it never lasts this long.

Still unplayable this morning. Any news on wtf is going on? Almost gamebreaking since you have to visit other region planets for mats/colors.