Tips about harvesting and seed planting

Today I like to share some tricks with farming on fields.

We start with the harvester skill tree:

Use a speed brew 5 when you harvest your fields

And now, let’s talk about planting seeds:

If u use a speed brew 5 with this skill tree, you can walk straight on and plant seeds without any place is left without seeds…

Now you can plant about 5 stacks seeds in 15 minutes…

Let’s talk about the harvester tool:

Take a titan axe, and forge it with Aoe, speed and dura, without dmg… So you won’t destroy your fields…

Talk about layouts:

I guess that’s the best way to plant your fields…
You make much more profit this way without getting less stats on crops and seeds…

@Turrican2006 Pls make a vid about this


Totaly forgot about 1 little thing…

After every 100 blocks, seeds, you have to place 2 placeholder (that’s the time the system needs to change to a new 100 stack in you hand)


Yes will do and add IT in this Post should be in the evening our time or tomorrow because Like i Said in Other thread Need to Go to a doc later after Work and then IS the hunting time …will do asap :+1::+1::+1:

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Will add some to it:
Use two hands with seeds (if not doing fertilizer… the other hand fills in while the other gets a new stack ready)

If you wan’t to avoid straying off a straight line… ofc you can either wall / border your path… but I was lazy about doing that… instead I return to Sanctum and avoid touching the mouse, and then move forward and strafe left out the portal, you are now perfectly aligned to 0, 90, 180 degree’s. If you need to face North while planting, exit while facing East (and so on).

While having the perfect alignment, there is no drift between lines… and if you bind a couple keyboard keys for left & right hand… all you need is holding down some keys and your other hand is free. (your mouse left and right still works even if rebound )

  • note… Combustion kernel plants are complex blocks! so multi level farm will hit the limit of 512 in a chunk if doing more than two layers. And this is without considering trapdoors used for pathing (they are also complex blocks :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Also as QoL when mass planting… or just in general… head bob can be turned off if not aware :smiley:

Thx for the Other Points you have mentioned,
In that Case i ll do a new one , to add These information .

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Thx @Turrican2006

Maybe you like to talk about the grapple guild buff too, that gives you a little bit more running speed, so this doesn’t work anymore…(sorry I forgot about this)

Thx @Huntsman too

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added your text into the discription too

I’ve got a few questions, maybe someone can help…

I’ve build new fields, all 3 wide, and 900 long…

90% from that fields are OK, if I harvest the crops, the soil sometimes went back to normal soil (every time 3 in a row) symmetrical.

But at 10% I have this problem (Pic)

The soil went random to normal, totally mixed…

Can someone tell me why, and how to repair?

Is there a way to avoid that the soil went back to normal and I haven’t to plow it again?


Left side is good, right side is the random part

Mine does that every time I harvest. I’ve had to run over each field to check them every time I harvest. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. It’s always random spots too.


I’m still looking for the original Farming Update posts, but if I remember correctly, there is always a small percentage chance that a reaped plot will need to be re-tilled. This can happen even when using a 0 damage harvesting tool. This always added an extra pass for me when farming.

(on a ready crop)
Pass 1: Harvest / Reap
Pass 2: Re-till any spots
Pass 3: Sow