Tips for New and Inexperienced Players

This should be a safe topic (hopefully).

There was a player who was asking for help and it got me to thinking, there is probably a thread, somewhere, that has tips, but I am guessing that there has been a lot of changes since that one was posted in.

So, what are tips you would give, try to not give a whole list, just one or two. I’ll try not to be so wordy, LOL

Since his was on mining and I was mining today, I thought about what I could say that would help someone. I forgot to check and see how many hammers I used, but how you use it is a factor. I bust a lot of rocks around me seeing if some veins are hiding.
Many will hit one rock and then the one below it. That may be good at the start for a few blocks. But . . . if you are doing that on black rocks and are several layers below ground, you might just break the rock under you and fall. If you are lucky, you won’t die, but you will lose health. My suggestion would be to bust up four rocks around you, that way you have a better idea of what is below. I make what could be seen as steps going down, or up depending on which direction the ore or coal goes.
Sand and gravel. Many just ignore it. I don’t. Get it out of the way. Did that today and behind the three rows, side by side was a vein of iron. I might have missed it if I had just hit the one on the side I would have missed the iron block at the other end that was the start of several blocks of iron.
Don’t worry about getting lost. My son put down torches and insists we follow them back to go back up the path we made.
I ignore it, don’t even put down torches, I got the light glow when I got my first skill points and am glad I did. Don’t have to carry a torch, handy when a spitter shows up and I need a hand free, or my grapple so when I fall I can hopefully catch myself. Another tip in mining, have your grapple ready. It can save you from a deadly fall. If you remember to use it in time, LOL
When I am ready to leave, I just start to hit the rock over my head and leap frog up, along the way, since I probably haven’t been in that section, I will find more coal and ores.
Cave, I Love caves. They are a great source of veins for me. Look for one low on the ground and just be careful that the drop to the next level is a safe one.
How did I do today? On planet Siggy (can’t spell the name), USWest, I got in one hour and one half hour a haul of 422 copper, 50 iron and 556 coal. Not bad on a level 2 planet. This was with a heavy iron hammer, I went through three, maybe four. Going to smelt it all and see how much copper bars and iron I get and how far the coal will go from this haul.
I have no idea of where the location is, went swimming down the river looking for copper or coal exposed on the rocks and saw a cave and thought “Cave, Eureka! Ores and coal coming up!”

What tips do you have for new and inexperienced players who are struggling?

These are the threads I got the most out of:

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Thanks for putting them up, the more info the players have the better off they will be and can enjoy the game more.

I’d advise investing in a forged tool with Autoloot and Glow. Then you won’t need to spend points in light, or worry about a torch, all the while gathering everything within a hefty range.

Secondly, if you’re using a particular hammer you wish to maximize efficiency with, I’d suggest taking a stack of stone chisels to chisel gaps in your mine’s walls to see what hiding behind the rock.

If you’re specifically looking for a particular mined resource that you don’t necessarily need a lot of, just need, then find cliffs. Cliffs expose a fair amount of resources if you’re equipped with a grapple and just need a few of something to progress.

I would suggest spending a lot of time mining when you get around to it. I mean don’t peck at it, dive in, use an atlas to find a hot resource spot, and just wipe an area clean. Set up a beacon nearby and bring some storage blocks and fill them up. It’s a massive feeling of accomplishment to look at your atlas at the end and watch how that blotch of resource just disappears from the map. Then you can spend the next day planning what to do with all that rock and ore.

My best advice is to take this game slow. Level up quickly and get a hold, but make long term plans, and make moves that are efficient in every way possible, which also coincide with your long term vision.

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This is what I do but I bring storage blocks and shop stands. Shop stands for the rock as it can hold way more rock than storage blocks. 9 storage blocks for the other things like sand/gravel/coal etc.

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