Tired of being blinded by the sun


i love this game. its very relaxing and entertaining for me. however, one thing has been irritating me more and more and more. i am SICK of being blinded by the sun. i have to deal with the real sun driving back and forth to work irl, not really happy about having to deal with it in a game i choose to play in my leisure time.

please reduce the flare from the sun or give us the option to. it didn’t use to bother me, but as i log more and more and more hours, i am getting more and more and more frustrated by this. i hate having to stare at the ground if i happen to be walking towards the rising/setting sun.


I requested craftable working sunglasses a while back for this same reason :sunglasses:

I agree it is a pain, not gonna make me quit or anything, but little tweak would be good.


If you’re on PC you may want to have a look over here: ReShade guide (reduce agressive colors saturation)

Edit: I meant this post specifically: ReShade guide (reduce agressive colors saturation)


Is this an issue for you with the sun on all world tiers?
We’re aware of the ugly blue sun rays sprite - is this what you are specifically talking about?
Does looking up at the midday sun also cause any problems?

We’re currently iterating the lighting and taking on board your concerns so hope to address these issues soon.


It’s when the sun is low on the horizon and you walk towards it, no matter the planet, it is very glarey


I agree on the sun problem, blinding your visibility. Would be also appreciated if you could massively tone down the snow effect, so we could at least see which bricks we’re building with. Thank you.


thank you for your concern. the planet level doesn’t matter. i have had this issue on all that i can think of. when it is up high in the sky, it doesn’t bother me. it is the rising or setting sun that splashes this horrible flare everywhere. it makes meteorite hunting, resource hunting, heck hunting in general more aggravating. i’m just running along the ground looking for resources, or whatever, and can’t look straight ahead due to the horrible blinding sun.


+1 for the OP.
The setting/rising sun makes it difficult to do anything outdoors while facing the same direction as the sun.
The glare is baaaaaddd.
I really like the effect to be honest however it is way too harsh as it is now.


I agree also…on ps4 it hurts the eyes…cannot see anything in front of you


I find the glare to be very natural and even welcome in the respect that it mimics being outside during dawn or dusk very well. The stumbling block of the blinding light makes one appreciate when everything is clear. That said, if the night/day cycles were longer, a person might be able to actually plan on going out to hunt or gather or build at certain times. A four hour day cycle would be very cool, making that morning hunt a bit more urgent, since hunting at night for too long sucks. Separating the days like this would also allow for nocturnal spawns and make looking for gleam or glowy shrooms more of a night time activity. Sorry, got carried away, yes sun in the face sucks big ones


“Here let me check real quick if the textures are aligning pr-ARRGHSUSGZDFIUSDGZF”


yeah annoying


thank you for your tip, i am on the ps4 however.


Ah :confused: Apologies. I hope they add more to the graphics and UI options soon!