Titan Behaviour Queries

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What will the titan’s behaviour be?

Will it be aggressive (Attack on sight)?
Or will it be passive?
Will it move around the world?
Will they always be above ground?
Can they destroy terrain?
Will they burrow up from the ground and destroy blocks to make a grand appearance?
From how far can we see them?
How do we get to the titan?
Are titan’s going to be similar to something in Shadow Of Colossus but more like a fortress with mobs on them?
Will there be different types?
Could you tame a Titan to become a war machine?
How do they appear?
How much effect do they have on the world?


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Oh what the… good questions haha. But the one of taming a Titan I can say that won’t be possible xD. They are giant floating structures with mobs inside. A titan is only a floating construction. I you could tame them like a creature that would be the end of the boundless worlds. or at least of one. Once you defeat one or defeat all the enemies in it you would be able to gather some resources, also a part of the titan that makes him float.When that happens you will be able to do floating buildings. I think its a Core.

But the other questions I can’t say anything, what about that @ben and @james


I know that, but they could be more.

And that what interests me.

How could they be more?

Well, if they resurrect the “alive titan” concept, or the titan as a entity, it could be more, or just, a “Titan” variation wich is a sole organism/entity and a big creature.

Personaly i will prefer the “alive titan”, but our current titan goal is cool, and will allow me to make ships :smiley: and war ships :smiley:

I think the preference of an alive titan comes from the expectations we have from a titan. If they’d called it a mothership or something like that from the start far less people would think about making it a living being.

And since the titans aka. BAMs and lager Bosses we know from other games will be present too. Most likely on the titan. I have no problem at all with it being a machine rather than a living fortress.