Titanium seams should be more rare

Change my mind ( to lazy to make a meme)

I find myself with waaaayy to much titanium compared to other metals. Why? I think we can see this in the economy too…

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Isn’t it because it is a byproduct of gem mining?
As way more miners mine for gems then for the other metals…:wink:


It is a byproduct of mining and that’s the point I’m trying to make. We as players go mining for silver or gold and get a bunch of titanium in the process.

The problem comes because we need copper and iron to really use the titanium bars and most people aren’t selling an abundance of copper or iron the titanium market becomes over supplied.

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Or there isn’t an a abundance of copper and iron is the problem. Whichever way you look at it.

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Yeah but that is my point… titanium is the same altitude as gem… the other metals don’t have the same altitude.

The cause is the tools People using nowadays. I bet no one would complain about this if we couldnt forge 3x3 s like candy as we do atm.

Tool pattern are broken In my opinion.

EA had good counter To this
Each gem had their own pattern example.diamond was 1x3. Emerald was cross and so on. I think it was better.


Mine in Ruby planet to get copper or trade it :slight_smile:

I will gladly trade you my abundance of copper for some titanium. I think I have 10-12ss of copper. I don’t know if that’s a lot though…

Do you want to trade 1 for 1? I have a bunch of titanium bars.

How about 2-3 copper for each titanium?

That sounds great. Where can I find you in game?

Kocadi good for copper but soft coal is where it’s at

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I’m located on Finata. A little distance outside Brown Town, in the big blue diamond.