Titanium tools before level 20?! Impossible?

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There’s a thread about the challenge I’m undertaking. Within 100 hours achieve 7 advances power coils per machine. I’m live right now. While I was taking a break it occurred to me that I’m still under level 20 and about to achieve titanium tools! The reason for this is because I went to a t7 exoworld looking for diamonds and came back with enough titanium and gold to progress, AND there isn’t a POWER requirement for titanium tools anymore!!! Woooooooo
Better get back to it. Here’s a link If you want to check it out.


I don’t think I mined way more titanium/gold on exo than I usualy do on Mulariakrib (or whatever its called, lol)

Defo not worth spending 3k to warp for more or less same yield, unless you go there for many different things, or you get on a train and warp for free (but then you either use more expensive tools to mine fast, or spend coins on strenght brews etc etc).


Damn dude that’s impressive!! What tools/food/brews/etc were you using on a T7 planet? And I assume it was totally worth the time to smash the blocks with the abundance of titanium there.

I’m saw this challenge and really want to try myself… I’ll add it to my growing list of things to achieve in boundless lol


I went to the exo, because too much of malu is beacons and at level 20 I didn’t want to try running across the planet to find a clean diamond spot. :grin:

I figured that since most people would go to the planet for blink and whatnot the diamond would be mostly untouched.


I had 2 iron hammers, 2 forged iron hammers(xtra dmg and ease), level 2 strength brews, and persisting broth.
I think I was on the planet for about 1 hour mining and left with 50 diamond, 80 titanium, 100+ gold, and some silver and iron. Not to mention the coal. Broke all four of my hammers though :joy:


right assumption - since I went there anyway for other stuff, I eventually also mined diamond and titanium/gold as it was largely untouched

was unimpressed by the lack of significant yield increase though

still, selling stuff gathered and mined (I kept a lot anyway), gave me over 20k so yeah, warp cost and the hammer lost have been repaid and then some coin made anyway


Haha that is cool dude, a lot can be achieved at low levels with all the know-how!

I was curious because I took a couple of friends trainee mining (lvl 20 and 13) for silver on lamblis. This was teach them all the concepts of correct altitudes, using atlases properly and being persistent, etc because it’s about as difficult as rift mining a T7 (side note, they found a few and didnt complain about the difficulty and in fact had great fun). But now I’m going to take them T7 mining next time !! Lol