Titans as end-game bosses

I was hoping to hear a little about your preference on the difficulty, as you mentioned it’s one of the features you were most interested in from the beginning. I forget if it was you or someone else in the poll thread that referred to it as endgame content.

What would you think about Gorillastomp’s idea on summoning a warp… then what if it took you to a server that’s more like the sanctum than an exo- no extra stuff to slow down performance?

I always imagined they would be giant living fortresses with various different locations and abilities. Think like a Shadow of The Colossus boss, but you grapple onto it, swinging around arms and platforms, fighting mini-bosses and regular enemies on the platforms and in the air. High-skill, high-risk, high-reward.

But that’s me imagining them based on 10 seconds of trailer.

I agree that warping to a temporary instance is a good idea for it, and that lines up with something I’ve read (but can’t find again) about the plans for the protectors and Oortian ruins.

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100% feasible, but to me part of the fantasy is lost at that point. Why have a giant wandering base relegated to a tiny zone? I’d much rather have them wander an exo-like planet so there is an exploration aspect to finding them as well.


Titans always felt like that over the top feature that sounds amazing but in that back of your mind know will never come / live up to the vision. Titans as a living dungeon I think are very doable, but as a single huge monster not so much. That all said, every since they added the ability to roll and grapple stunned Hoppers around, I’ve been waiting for the boss that will require a coordinated manipulation of this mechanic to expose a weakness, earn extra loot, achievements, or to simply defeat it faster :smiling_imp:


Sorry if this is a bit long. But I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. Lol.

I’m hoping it will be quite difficult. So you will need people taking actual rolls when attempting to complete it. Healers, tanks and such.
Perhaps you need a large enough group to even open a portal to a special planet which houses a Titan. Maybe a special Titan augment you put in your totem. When you have so many player pointing there totems at warp conduits you’ve set up. It will activate the conduits to the Titan planet.
If collision of the Titan with the landscape is a problem. Just making a special world. Where the terrain doesn’t come above a certain point. 30-50 high perhaps. Leaving 200 high for the Titan to roam above the terrain. Under the terrain there would be lava.
The planet should have a lot of high level mobs that are alway aggravated.
When you approach the Titan. The lightning that comes off it could blast holes in the terrain exposing the lava making it more difficult to get to it.
Having max range grapples would make it too easy to get to. So possibly a grapple debuff reducing grapple range by 50% when you enter the Titan planet. With possible other debuffs as you get close.
Once you get close enough you’d have to smash your way in. Possibly with specific lucent tools to break the Titan skin blocks. Once inside you have to make your way to the core. And destroy it to take down the Titan. But the protectors are inside trying to stop you and repairing walls/ rebuilding the inside of the Titan to stop you from getting to the core. The Titan continually creates more protectors to stop you.
Once defeated. You can scavenge the Titan skin blocks along with receiving Titan cores from a loot box that can be used to craft armours and possibly a bunch of other high end items. Once done scavenging. You return to sanctum and head home. You can only leave with one inventory full of blocks. So you take what you can. Rinse and repeat.

Titan augment require meteor ichor which mean you have to do t7 meteor hunts. This way it can truly be end game content.


I think it would be amusing to have a regular T5-T7 meteor finish and the 5 or 6 people with the most damage dealt( or most kills). Those Oortians get slurped into a portal to a generated area with the titan boss. This area would be mineable after the boss is defeated.

This would make people work harder at the hunts, and have more people join them. The mineable area could be generated temples, throne rooms, a domed in region of rare coloured blocks, caves with refined gems made to look like crystal shards. Etc. Mineable Oort (ooh la la)
Return portal opens after boss defeated to go back at leisure…

Death means sent to sanctum. Return options only to the original planet.



Lol exactly. It puts the lotion on the skin.

There’s already Titan skin blocks. They’re in the sanctum. They just look like a different type of brick and are harder to break. I do feel they should look way cooler if we do ever get them.


The ones under the platform the elder stands on? I’ve always wanted those.

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Yeah and in that hallway you start in.

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You should have seen Titan Energy Vein when it was in game a long, long time ago! If I remember correctly, there was Titan Flesh as well, but I can’t remember if it ever had a texture/block in game;

Edit: It was actually Titan Energy Vein (added to my text).

Here’s a link to a not great image, plus it doesn’t show the block animation either.


i wonder how much lag all the moving blocks cause.


Probably why @Havok40k mentioned what he saw was a borg like cube. Making thousands of blocks move probably would never work. Remember when smashing a few full closed storage Blocks would crash planets. Then they changed it so you couldn’t smash them if they had any items in them. Maybe the would have to be stationary. They do look cool. And I’ve thought about building that Titan in game. It’s on my to do list. :rofl:


i tend to keep my hops low, because honestly i have played enough minecraft and enough boundless to know what lags servers out and a lot of what im reading is just lag lag lag.

" the game will be multiplayer oriented and will feature PvP and PvE elements. "

still waiting on those pvp elements :stuck_out_tongue: unless thats just Plot Versus Plot like over at DK mall :rofl:


It may be 2021 and all but lol yea I don’t think any online game could handle that

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If it’s designed as a series of really big mobs tied together(only look like blocks until dead and still), I think it should be fairly simple on the network traffic as long as you can’t actually stand on it. Grapple and “I ran into an arm” collision can be plenty fuzzy to make detection reasonable to process & sync, but someone standing on a moving thing is a lot harder since there is a lot more expectation for precision.

Star Citizen can probably handle an enemy this large, but they are doing some crazy stuff and also don’t have to deal with voxels at all. It also is about as stable as nobelium.

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Hmm with all this talk I think I’ll make a Hunters Courtyard on Houchus for Titans release in 10 years Mwahahahaha


U called
10 chars

you keep them low, i give up the hope that titans will ever in this game. I wait since 2014 for the titans, or some bigger enemy like the ground basher or thrower (dont know the name its to long ago). And i am most time afk, i look from time to time short ingame. but thats all. In the early stage of the game the time the game called “oort online” the devs say titans come after release, but i forgot to ask how long after release… maybe i should ask this next time too

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Boundless is work now, I have to take time out of my week to play boundless when i would rather be doing something else…