Omg titan energy vein look!

omg how did this get here


“Titan Energy Vein” interesting. But you should really tell WHAT you are talking about rather than just say OMG!!

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if someone knows how to collect it, maybe collect and multiply.
Looks pretty nice, I’d like to have it.

Maybe we can put it in kind of place like @Apocalyptica 's block store on lapas?
If you allow it @Apocalyptica?

Just wonder if we can mine it with current tools.

yeah we can mine it and we put it in the block depot already feel free to take it but replace it

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I would laugh my ass off if people kept hiding them in ware houses to then one day log in and found out that they had implemented the whole “you can make buildings fly with titan materials” and their warehouse was just 20 meters into the air xD


lol 10 chars

I got them from the supreme toast base and decided to place them in the settlement

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how did you get them inside jens beacon and lizards beacon or did you give them to they

Gave it to them

ohh aha dd you find eny more awesome blocks

wait you know where that build is can i see it?

you are awesome @Predatoxic, thank u! :purple_heart: :boundless:

No problem ^^

Ah, that’s where you got that block from :wink:
I think we already talked about them, when they were placed right at the beginning.

But didn’t know they were “mineable”. With what tool do you get them?
Funny that @Ben implemented a new block, which is not existing in any biome we already have in our worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my god that would be the greatest April fools event ever

“Guess what! You know the houses you worked so hard creating? They’re flying death machines now!!”

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From what I’ve seen you can break them with anything in a few hits, though a stone shovel will take it out in 2 or 3 shots