Titans Future thoughts

What if Titans appeared from the Universe on Cataclysmic Collision from another planet. (O.O)


they will hit the planet like a meteor!?
idk what you mean…

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Like a meteor but bigger just appeared from within the Oort Cloud and collides with the exo planet

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Or maybe titans would appear on the death of the Exo, as the atmosphere grows tougher. That would be neat.

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Or maybe emerging from volcanoes.

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Tell you what @james if you ever stop the servers give us a cinematic ending like a titan destroying the universe

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Coming soon for 6 years.

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Maybe they are overly protective of dragons, I should say “Waitin on Titans be like chasin that emu. or aardvark. Perhaps a platypus, or maybe Bigfoot”. Is that better?

Are you still in your feelings about getting flagged? It’s a well known reference for very particular, illicit drug use, haha.

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