Ok, Titans are basically this games version of Galactus. If you all would and by you i mean the Dev’s @james @luke-turbulenz, and any other Dev that i’m not sure of, would explain a little more about them. I think if we had a better understanding about them, it would help us in the Future. Below are things i know about them:

  • Huge
  • Has Protectors
  • Has a Floating Core?
  • Their Very Rare. (4/50 Planets would have one maybe?)

I mean all of those things, are like Key things people would prolly know just by looking at them. Can you all tell us something we don’t know about them?

I mean would we be able to make vehicles for space travel if we can defeat one?


Titans exist, they are hostile, and mysterious. Beyond that, we will likely have to unravel their secrets after 1.0


@Havok40k is that the current thinking, that they won’t be implemented or even tested until then? :<

How do they exist right now @Havok40k Everyone has been on all the planets, and no titan so far.

They don’t exist on the currently pre-alpha servers. They do exist in dev environments (see Paris PS4 Trailer).

That’s my speculation, that’s all

Yea i seen them in that trailer.