TNT Drop Party - 11 July, 9pm UTC - 24 MILLION IN GIVEAWAYS!

In the film Kin-Dza-Dza there’s a sac-looking sort of thing tied to a stick that holds someone’s last breath; they yse these as grave markers.

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i would like to give my extra golden gleamstar trophy in the prizes. in exchange for building materials and 5k coin

What!? You guys are doing this again! Are you just made of sundrops and lollypops and good natured kindness!?!?!? This was some of the most fun I’ve had in game and I very much look forward to watching the pandemonium again! I’ll be sure to stream the event.

I’m not shy to say it. . .TNT is the coolest guild.


That would be amazing, and any donations are very, very welcome!

We’ll definitely arrange a time to meet up and add them to the stash, or anyone is welcome to just jump up on the platform and throw things around, its a lot of fun!

We’re not buying prizes sorry, this is a community charity event. Maybe start another thread and see if anyone wants to buy them.

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Maybe stagger it across several days, so those who can’t get in aren’t left out?

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This is why we’re doing it again. It was the highlight of most our boundless lives too, for me personally easily the funnest 2 hours ive ever had in the game.

Its as much for us as it is for everyone else!

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Thats not a bad idea. It took about 2 hours to drop everything last time, so we have been talking about taking shifts as this has the potential to last 3-4 hours.


The dome can donate gathered mats. If you feel those would be good prizes.


Definitely, everything is a good prize to somebody. We had really good natured people last year that if they werent super keen on something, they tossed it back into the crowd for someone else. We’ll definitely have stacks of base mats and things going around, as well as all the end game things.

Short answer for anyone who would like to donate, yes, whatever it is, it is very, very welcome, and you are awesome for offering! The more the merrier!

Either meet up with any TNT member and tell them its for the party, or just jump up on the platforms on the day and throw things around.

We dont care who you are, feel free to shout your guild name if you want and let people know who its from (we’ll name and shame you in the prize lists too). Its not about TNT, its about the WHOLE community coming together for some old fashion fun, sharing, and mayhem!


Except rock salt… aint nobody got time for that.


I’ve got some silty soil I could spare…


If only. Pants.

I think you forgot… i was leading the anti pants movement. And you will never take our freedom!!!


I was there, and right as you were knocking the floor away to reveal the hub, my connection failed. I missed the best bit. Was great fun though!


I’m excited already!


I remember when you guys first opened the portal hub :grinning:


Ah I remember that one, sadly I was stuck at the Sasquatchville TNT portal along with some others waiting to get in, never made it. Thankfully a kind soul from the guild was doing the rounds outside for this very reason and came along giving us all some nice loot, very generous indeed.


I was rereading the thread from last year and noticed you had returned just before that party too.

Its not actually a TNT bday party, its a welcome back Ando party that just happens to be timed annually!

We’re currently chatting about maybe organising some official “waiting room” spots so we can visit and hand out some goods the same again this year for anyone struggling to get through. We have a heap more connections now so the waiting crowd could be a little more spread out, so figure if we name a few spots we’ll know where to go to find people!