TNT Drop Party - 11 July, 9pm UTC - 24 MILLION IN GIVEAWAYS!

One year minus 2 days ago, from the day…

In a galaxy not so far, far away…

There was a small gathering amongst the quiet hills of Circapous I, that crashed the planet and reshaped the entire boundless universe as we know it.

Since then, our network has grown, our guild has grown, and our passion for giving back to the community has grown… sooo…

The Nixian Trust proudly presents…

TNT Network’s 1st Birthday Bash!

Come join the mayhem at TNT MEGAHUB on Saturday 11 July - 9pm UTC, jump around like a crazy person, and score your self epic amounts of free stuff.

Last year we attempted a 1 million coin party, but ended up giving away over 3 million c worth of goods. So without the knowledge of any of my guild mates, i have upped the anti this year, and we’re aiming for 8 figures. (Note: this is not a legally binding forum post and prize values may not be accurate… it sure sounds good though).

Getting in early so you can all save the date, get time off work, cancel the anniversary, disown the kids… whatever you need to do.

We filled the planet last time and had lines of people waiting at portals to get in for almost an hour, so you’ll want to get in early.

For those that missed it, video below of the epicness that happened last time, and a link to last years thread.

We’ll keep this thread updated over the next few weeks as more details unfold. Look forward to bouncing with you all!


You should drop only spark, because it would look cool in a video


Haha, spark shower sounds awesome! I’ll make it happen.

Along with a lot of other things to of course


So we jump with a looter in hand or without looter?


Loot sticks are fine, we will be giving out max range ones before it starts to anyone that needs them.

Will also have multiple drop points, stands on the ground we will randomly fill, and hand trade directly, so lots of different ways to grab things.

We learnt from last time how to spread the love so everyone has fair chances


We’ll also do the comps same as last year with prizes for best dressed, funniest comment, most deaths, biggest guild turnout, lowest level character, etc. So even if you dont manage to catch anything, you can still be a winner just by being there.

And Nix gets a little obsessed, last year he chased people for days after trying to give away things forcefully.


This looks super fun


It was amazing last year… absolute chaos for about 2 hours. The video doesnt do it justice


For anyone that wasnt around last year, check 6mins30secs of the video. Thats where we knocked out the floor to reveal the planetary network.

Im still amazed we managed to keep that a secret, time 40 portal openings with 40 amazing hosts (thank you all!), and suprise most people.


This looks super fun! Do we actually have to sign up or do we just show up at the day/time/place?


You sign up by completing access-request form 11B, file for a valid Circapous visa (make sure you mention it’s for pleasure, not business) and submit a 5-page essay on why you deserve to get the drop rewards :slight_smile:

(nah, just show up and join the fun!)


i like when they knocked the drop pad out to reveal the current world hub :stuck_out_tongue:


Highly recommend you show up BEFORE the time, we literally had lines of people at portals waiting to get in for a good hour last year. Can only fit 80 people on the planet at one time, and i can gaurantee we’ll fill it again.

But yeah as suji said, no registrations or anything, just turn up, everyone is welcome!


Just for a bit of a tease, this is last years list of giveaways… and we’re aiming for 3 times as much this year!


I’ll try to match what we set aside for hunt prizes (i.e. 500 forged bows). And I think at least that many T6 hammers. Might drop some more grapples (400R) and some lucent too. I suppose then theres the stuffs… Maybe this would be a good time to drop my black gleam from the last gleambows and whatever I nab for this one… Hmmm what else?

…anybody got requests?


You got 7 weeks Nix, just breathe…


No, I want his oxygen share in the gifts too :smiling_imp:


Mythical Nix breath is worth well over 10mil, and there isnt a known material in the game yet that can actually contain it.

Maybe next year.


We’ve added some storage for the prize pool by the hub so you can all see whats coming and decide which prizes you will fight to the death for.

Currently there is 1 grass seed.

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can donate some coils (surprise surprise) …give me a shout when a good time.
TNT, like PS etc, is a great community resource which I use daily so would be happy to help out.