[TNT] Million Coin Drop Party - Prize Update

They always called me a ■■■■■■. Maybe now I can finally live up to that name… :sweat_smile:


I see everyone that follows the forums showing up. Even Luna will afk but collecting lol

Haha this’ll be a blast.

AND the word on the street is that
[DSK] MonkMathers is going to lead a hunt afterwards.

What he doesn’t know is that if any devs show up he gets to pick the best dev hunter and they’ll get a max forged blink or rift bow (either sniper or shotty). Their choice. I owe one of them a bottle of something for the water and glass update… but i think this is going to have to work instead :yum:


Max bow and 10 count of speed or strength brew. That’s about a bottle :grin:

Alright, I updated the give-a-way list… wow, that took forever.

I think you can click the little reply arrow in the top right of this post to reveal…
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This is just getting silly now. Go to bed nix.

Give away items

106 - T6 AOE Hammers (some have dur and speed, MOST do not)
8 - AOE Shovels
8 - AOE Speed Axes
2 - emerald grapples (400 rank / hunting)
2 - ruby grapples (400 rank / hunting)
7 - Diamond shotguns (mostly sawed-off, at least 1 crit)
3 - Emerald shotguns (all crit)
1 - Ruby Sniper (not 400 rank)
4 - Amethyst Snipers (not 400 rank)
6 - One of each gem 400 rank snipers (courtesy of ChaosMkr :wink:)
30 - Loot magnets (for those in need)
Next up, healing/cleanse/buff bombs

AND The Drop Pad Goodies:

3 - Forged Rift Grapples (courtesy of Naughty)
3 - Forged Rift SlingBows (courtesy of Naughty)
1 - Forged Blink SlingBows (courtesy of Naughty)
400 - Oort Shard (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly” = bobbuilder, killianstormbringer, luna lynn, and Ratchel)
200 - Rough Oort (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
300 - Hopper Thermal Cores (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Topaz (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Sapphire (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Diamond (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined Ruby (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
25 - Refined EMERALDS (thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
1 - BA Rank 350 Blink Slingbow (pic below… and thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)
6 - Rank 290 Wayfarer’s Totems (pic below… and thankyou “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)

100 - ROUGH RIFT !!! (again many thanks to “Down By the Shore With Pauly”)

900 - Wildstock Eyes
17 - Road Runner Feathers (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
900 - Deco Marble (Oxide Azure)
900 - Spicy Beans
100 - Deco Topaz (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
5 - Deco Sapphire (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
15 - More Hopper Thermal Cores
43 - Advanced Coils (see pic and thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
900 - Lanterns
4 - Raw Diamond Hammers
100 - Deco Blink
200 - Shimmering Orbs
168 - Pulsating Orbs
5 - Rough Blink (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
25 - Adrenal Glands (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
566 - Inky leaves
3600 - Fibrous Leaves
100 - ANOTHER 100 Rough Oort… Sheesh
1800 - Cobalt Fragments
1800 - Sulphur Fragments
900 - Ancient Vital Essence (thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
1 - Bag of Diamond Bombs (200 per bag, no more, no less, thanks to Thebroodmother for contributing!)
14 - Corrosion Shielding Pies
14 - Toxin Shielding Pies
15 - Energizer Bunny Pies
11 - Invigorating Pies
10 - Persisting Pies
37 - Teaching Pies
57 - Shielding Rissotos (Plural ??)
1 - Critically Loaf
1 - Teaching Pudding (remember to eat yer pudding)
1 - Meat Pie
75 - Shielding Pies (for the post-party hunt)
900 - Titanium Bars
20 - Mega Fast Brews (Boundless crack, these’ll kill you)
900 - Bark
1800 - Ancient Tech Devices
3600 - Earthyams
1 - Partridge
1 - Pear Tree
And other contributors tossing things I cant even IMAGINE

Contest Prizes (these are in addition to everything else):

Biggest Guild Turnout - 1 WEEK MEGA BUFF (160,000c)
Lowest Toon Level - 20 Teaching pies
Funniest Comment - 10 Advanced WB Coils
Most deaths - forged Wayfarer with 250 total damage and AOE (its a nice loot stick)
Best Dressed - Rank 330 Rift Slingbow (courtesy of Naughty)
Best Sharer - Blink Slingbow
Most Energetic - 10 Invigorating Pies
Community Choice - Rank 340 Rift Grapple! (courtesy of Naughty)


Massive thanks to everyone who has donated prizes. You guys are amazing!

11 hours til kick off!


@Jiivita if you are going to make an appearance
Which would be awesome
Could you please film it :grinning:


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what about jumping epics ? both will give you the advantage of 2 blocks

We will be offloading stuff at the surface level too


Courtesy of Nawty* Not Naughty :sweat_smile:

But seriously looking forward to this! Should be ALOT of fun! I love how amazing the community is on this game!



if I have extra stuff, do I donate it, or throw it at people myself ? every fun party needs an extensive set of specific rules :slight_smile:

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I would love to but I work weekends >< sorry to disappoint :cry:


I no spell goood’

Lol. I clearly absorbed your Entire forum post about your game name! … But in all fairness, Uniek should Never have let me out of the forge cave!

Seriously though Nawty never could have done the thing without you.


Hahaha. I should have referenced the post when I called you out :speak_no_evil:

But, no problem. It was a pleasure being involved! :heart:

1hr 42 min till start right?

1 hour HYPE!

Going to miss out I guess. Have fun everyone!

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