[TNT] Million Coin Drop Party - Prize Update

Its been a while since we ran a good giveaway, and theres been a couple less than happy things happening in the community recently, so we’re taking it upon ourselves to remind everyone what makes this game great by attempting to get the community together for a bit of good old fashion fun and mayhem.

Next Saturday 13 July at 9pm UTC in the center of the TNT MEGAHUB, we will be holding a drop party of epic proportions.

There isnt actually a set amount of items/value and this is not a legally binding forum post, a million c worth of goods is just good clickbait for advertising purposes (at least im honest)…

Either way though it probably wont be far off, and you can expect TONS of high value end game items:

  • forged tools from some of the best forge masters in the game (coughcoughMrNiXcoughcoughcough)
  • advanced coils
  • feathers/trophies
  • advanced building blocks
  • and whatever else we feel like throwing around from the 100s of 1000s of items in our shops.

We want the entire player base there to forget about your worries for a bit and have a good time, and the more people that turn up the more excited we’re going get and the more we’ll be launching off the platform into the crowd.

Feel free to bring along things you dont need and share some love too, the more the merrier!

Saturday 13 July
9pm UTC
(Requires 1 point in caustic protection)


[UTC] 13/07/2019 Sat 9:00pm (2100)
[EST] … 5:00pm
[CST] … 4:00pm
[MT] … 3:00pm
[PT] … 2:00pm
[AEST] 14/07/2019 Sun 7:00am (Sydney)
[MSK] 14/07/2019 Sun 0:00am (Moscow) … or midnight Sat
[EEST] 14/07/2019 Sun 0:00am … or midnight Sat
[EET] 13/07/2019 Sat 11:00pm (if you don’t have daylight savings)
[CET/CEST] 13/07/2019 Sat 11:00pm
[BST/London/Hulk Time] 13/07/2019 Sat 10:00pm


THANK YOU for posting in UTC. Time zones are my bane. That said, there’s a strong possibility I will forget, but I hope everyone has fun, whether I remember it or not. :3


This is why i thought a weeks notice will help. Will be “dropping” (see what i did there) reminders all week.

For other timezones thats… 4pm CST, or 7am AusEST.

Sorry aussies yes we always get the short end of the world clock stick. If it helps i have to set an alarm on sunday morning too.


Nice initiative and an appreciated effort id say but i guess someone will bring a loot stick. Probably the same person who brings a regen bomb to a hunt lol. Why not put the items on separate shop stands and have people rush in and grab items from shop stands? Just a thought :grin:.

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Yeah im sure someone will, but i thought it was worth the ask at least and see if we can actually promote some community spirit


That is a good idea… loot races. Will see what we can do!

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Awesome site for converting timezones with a simple timeline display if anyone else struggles with them (this is the only reason i knew).


Busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy oh so much to make


Thats the other reason we’ve given it a week. Haha. MrNix is not actually a mythical creature and needs some time to bend the forge to his will!


Upside of UTC is I never struggle with it. We’re UTC-6. We’re ALWAYS UTC-6. We don’t do those daylight savings shenanigans, here. I guess our farmers and other folk just learned to get up with the dark. Offset by an hour and most of us are still getting up/going home in the dark most of winter anyway. Guess there wasn’t much point.

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Im from Aus so im used to everyone elses clocks being wrong 100% of the time and never having any idea what day it is. :joy:


So true haha
Me: its friday.
Whoever im talking: to no that was yesterday.

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The trolls will def bring lootsticks, I’d do some other system lol

This is gonna be ruined by trolls with lootsticks for sure. It will be a chain reaction too, one person uses it and then everyone else will too when they don’t want to miss out to “cheats”.

Should try to come up with another idea, maybe sell everyone max range lootstick for somewhat cheap. People can then also use that stick in the future :+1:

Great initiative and a nice event non the less :ok_hand:

This will definatly happen, causing chaos and put the end to the loot party

Edited OP. Forget the loot sticks. We’ll just give away some of them too to anyone that needs them.

Also gonna go with Reds idea to have stands around we’ll use as well as just throwing things around for the fun of it.

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drop tokens with codes when somebody comes with to many you give em totems :+1:


Tokens or a raffle might work well, take names down on a list then do random number gen to pick winners


More fun randomly throwing things and jumping around like crazy people. Its free stuff, and there will be plenty of it. Not at all anything anyone should get upset about.

Nothing is going to be ruined, and you guys are giving “trolls” way too much power.

Come along and maybe have some fun for a bit. Doesnt need to be anything more than that.


Yeah, i think maybe we all play troll and cut loose with lot sticks and totems, lol. Ill go hand trade the good stuff and we can see who can get what popcorn prizes. Like an inventory emptying party lol. Perhaps ill hand out loot sticks at the pre-party :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: