[TNT] Million Coin Drop Party - Prize Update


In how long is this happening btw? Too lazy to convert and usually get it wrong anyway… xD


I mean, I’ll gladly bring my lootstick. I just want some of those advanced building blocks. The other things would be boons too.


Ok, I think these are the conversions… I’m super sorry if I got any of these wrong or missed your time zone.
I used: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
Also I put the dates in dd/mm/yyyy… if that bothers you I will rearrange the date for you, just let me know. I had to throw the other countries a bone here… :wink:

[UTC] 13/07/2019 Sat 9:00pm (2100)
[EST] … 5:00pm
[CST] … 4:00pm
[MT] … 3:00pm
[PT] … 2:00pm
[AEST] 14/07/2019 Sun 7:00am (Sydney)
[MSK] 14/07/2019 Sun 0:00am (Moscow) … or midnight Sat
[EEST] 14/07/2019 Sun 0:00am … or midnight Sat
[EET] 13/07/2019 Sat 11:00pm (if you don’t have daylight savings)
[CET/CEST] 13/07/2019 Sat11:00pm
[BST/London/Hulk Time] 13/07/2019 Sat 10:00pm


Your weekdays are way off there… 13th is a saturday. Looks like you may have been looking at august. Times seem good though.

Swap tuesday for saturday
And wednesday for sunday.



Thanks for the spot check Buddy.


Everyone should use lootsticks then it’s an even playing field. Will be lots of fun running around and seeing what you get!


Yeah thats new plan, we’ll just give loot sticks to anyone that wants them. No more advantage, no more worries. :grin:


Now everybody get a safe griefing experience. Anybody whose ever had a deep dark curiousity… A secret griefing desire… Can now do so in an approved setting! Or just come by and share a beer and get free goodies! @boundmore you gonna be there?


Thats a great idea. Would you be interested in distributing some goodies too? If we gave em to you to pass around?


My idea for one of my games is to build a giant wall with multicolored tiles that acts as a plinko or bingo board. Players stand at the ground and when leader says go, all players shoot their grapples at a square. The winner of that round is the player whose grapple is connected to that round’s predefined special square. You could even hide special prizes within the wall/board. Rinse and repeat.


You could go the more literal plinko and build a tall structure with diamond shapes poking out. Players don’t stop on those when falling, nor, I’ve noticed, do they take damage. I’ve at least noticed that I slide right off so now if I do high jumps, I aimed for angled bits to bounce off of (ehh, sometimes I miss and splat, lol). Glass it in so players don’t go flying out the front and add some water or trampolines at the bottom of each landing segment, for safety sake.

…I kind of want to do this just on my own now. >.>

Edit: have people standing by to observe, too, and have a no grapples rule. Using a grapple would mean disqualification.


@DKPuncherello check your dm :smiley:


Lol 13/7 is my birthday, what an awesome bonus gift this is! Though being in OZ timezone it will be 7am on Sunday here and I will probably be a bit hungover -_-


no need we got our own goodies we hand out lol
also we have a newplayer center with cheap stuff :+1: safe it for the futur new people


Oh wow! You’ll have to pm me your toons name!


Thats because your nice all the time. I dont think i could afford to give away this much that often :disappointed:


sounds good, but it’s my working weekend - I will try to organize my hours to pop in, but no promises


I would Love that.


Ok, almost finished with 100 T6 AOE hammers… already got a set of perfect emerald and ruby grapples… then on to the bows


Out of curiosity what do you consider perfect grapples? Not everyone has the same “perfect” grapple