[TNT] Million Coin Drop Party - Prize Update


Your absolutely correct, I was refering to the rank (i.e. maxed boons). But I forged them for range, proj speed, reel speed. So they are more “hunter” than “builder”. The Rubies are stupid fast. I love em.

I was also thinking about getting some prizes for guilds, maybe a pile of stuff or coin or something for the groups with the largest turnout. And maybe packages for the lowest ranked toons that show up…


Would it be unacceptable if I asked the devs for a loot brew before the drop? Sense can’t carry a loot mag? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ice floor? No loot mag or grapples everyone skidding and gliding around?


100? Really?

Lol. Even i wasnt expecting that!


Im quitting TNT for the weekend and joining the drop party crowd.


Loot mags are ok, but we’ll have a few stacks of max range to give away before we start so everyone is on an equal playing field.


Oh ok. I can bring some too in case don’t have enough to cover everyone. I think it should be bare handed honestly. Went to a thing like this months ago and same 5 people got mostly everything


I’d say grapples are ok so we can pull people away from stuff lmao


Thanks Morey

We’re big on fair(ish). Whether thats “everyone cheats” or something else. I will be hand trading some give-a-ways too (as will other people). So Don’t worry about not being the local ninja. We gotcha covered.


But I wanna be a ninja I like pizza!!! Yeah it should be we all cheat or we don’t cheat. (I’m going to cheat now) :innocent:


I can bring some things to help. Just let me know if need forged tools or bows and I’ll help out.


Awesome! The more the merrier. Whatever you feel like sharing is great! We have a drop platform built high above the hub and anyone is welcome/highly encouraged to climb up and throw things around.


Ok we at the down by the shore with pauly dome will donate and toss stuff. Maybe even second born so be ready :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol! 56789


In case a heap of free prizes wasnt enough. Just added some prizes to the mix while youre grabbing your free prizes. The stands will have things on them if course and we’ll pick winners at the end


For those that live in the United States, that’s 2pm Pacific Time, 4pm Central Time and 5pm Eastern Time. 7am in Australia, or around then. I know Australia spans a few time zones


3 days to go… and the freebies are piling up. This is from a few days ago, and havent added forged tools yet, so there may be just a tiny bit more added by saturday.

Can confirm we will clear 1,000,000c worth of giveaways.


Is that counting my forges. Those gotta be > 1 mil alone. Any way for me to edit the op? Then i can add a list?
… I dont think there is. Ill put a list and some shots in tomorrow


Yeah the million+ is overall.

And post the list here and ill copy into op. Anyone thats read the thread will default to the latest post so probably better at the end.


Repost of the time conversions:

[UTC] 13/07/2019 Sat 9:00pm (2100)
[EST] … 5:00pm
[CST] … 4:00pm
[MT] … 3:00pm
[PT] … 2:00pm
[AEST] 14/07/2019 Sun 7:00am (Sydney)
[MSK] 14/07/2019 Sun 0:00am (Moscow) … or midnight Sat
[EEST] 14/07/2019 Sun 0:00am … or midnight Sat
[EET] 13/07/2019 Sat 11:00pm (if you don’t have daylight savings)
[CET/CEST] 13/07/2019 Sat11:00pm
[BST/London/Hulk Time] 13/07/2019 Sat 10:00pm