TNT Megahub Portal - Mall & Market Aisle Now Open!


We are making some changes to the Megahub by adding a corridor at ground level where the planet portals currently are.
There will be huge openings on all 4 sides to access the corridor.

In order to make the hub a little easier to navigate, we are thinking to move all Malls and Markets into the corridor on one side.

It would be great if only market and mall owners could respond to this please!

Shop portals will remain on the upper levels where they currently are.


im sure i am forgetting a few so guys please feel free to add tags, i am not in game at the moment so can’t see all the portals


@majorvex are you happy with that?

Absolutely…whatever you guys need to do is fine with me :+1:


Pharaos Treasues also in the upper Level beside Golden Fist , is my Shop will i stay there or has my Portal to BE moved?
Because i m Back on sunday evening or monday afternoon.

shops will not be moved at this time.
Only Markets, Malls, and Shops that sell practically everything like Alutech.

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OK thx for answer

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simplification is always good
My portal is completely up to you since MrNiX runs it you can put it where you want to anyway

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Whatever you think is best, I am good with

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All good with me! :heartpulse:

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Fine with me!

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All good, whatever you need/want me to do I’m at your disposal.

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@Spicewhale got your new portal ready to roll, if you see a TNT member around the hub just ask them to grab the token out the new portal for you.

TNT MEGAHUB - Mall & Market Aisle Now Open Ground Floor Of the Hub

All the Malls and Markets in one place.

Of course we don’t have them all, so if you have an existing portal and consider yourself a mall or a market please post here.

Also if you know of a place that isn’t at our hub, please make suggestions!

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Thanks Nimz, I’ll be on later filling portals too. So you can pm me or respond here to set up a time. We wont be force closing anything so dont worry about those kinds of shenanigans :crazy_face:

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Pretty much just spicewhales lizards island left to connect I think he’s aus so IL catch him in my AM.

Other than that hopefully we get some suggestions from others of places to include.

These can also be superstore type places like alutech that are always well stocked

That was fast! Sorry you had to wait for me, I’ll jump on

Well since apparently many do not seem to know Nova Golda Market well enough I am considering opening a few more portals, so got one for me?


Of course silly! Ill pop on and look see. To be honest I haven’t even got to see it all finished yet lol.


Well make me a nice portal!!!

2x4 I suppose!


This is a very nice update to the hub. Main problem with TNT megahub was that the corridor behind portals and the main portal area were not connected.

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